15 Most Beautiful Types of Crassula You can Grow in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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If you are looking for an easy to grow plant that also looks the part, then have a look at the Most Beautiful Types of Crassula You can Grow in India!

Crassula is a popular succulent, thanks to its low-maintenance and resilient nature. It is a perfect plant to add a burst of colors to your garden and home. If you too want to include it in your green collection, then you can pick one from these most beautiful Types of Crassula!

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Most Beautiful Types of Crassula

1. Crassula ‘Campfire’

Types of Crassula

This fast-growing succulent has propeller-like leaves that take a red-orange hue in full sunlight. Native to Africa, this crassula variety also produces white-cream flowers during summer and spring.

2. Crassula ovata ‘Tricolor’

The fleshy leaves appear in white to green streaks and get flushed with irregular purple markings when exposed to full sun. It also grows fragrant, white to pink flowers during winters.

3. Crassula congesta

Types of Crassula 2

The fleshy leaves of this crassula are chubby, oval, and have a velvety appearance. This crassula variety generally has a lifespan of 2 years and dies after flowering. It bears fragrant and tubular flowers in creamy-white shade.

4. Crassula dubia

The oval leaves of this variety are of green-gray shade that develops a pink tint on the edges when exposed to the sun. Its paddle-like flat foliage is covered with a subtle layer of soft hairs that gives it a fuzzy look.

5. Crassula ‘Mini Kitty’

Types of Crassula 3

The heart-shaped leaves have white stripes and pink edgings. This fast-growing crassula is also a great plant for ground cover.

6. Crassula ovata

Commonly known as Jade Plant, the succulent features green, rounded and waxy leaves. The plant can tolerate neglect and hence is a boon to the forgetful gardeners of India.

7. Crassula ovata ‘Ripple Jade’

Types of Crassula 4

This compact and rounded succulent showcases blue-green leaves that develop reddish markings along the edges when the plant is stressed. Its stubby look also gives it a bonsai-like appearance.

8. Crassula pubescens

Its plumpy leaves are bright green in color and get a solid red hue when placed in full sun. The plant also grows a cluster of white flowers during winters.

9. Crassula rupestris

Types of Crassula 5

The triangular, pointy, and green leaves of this crassula are arranged in an alternate pattern and develop pink to yellow margins in summers. It also produces star-like, tiny, and pink flowers from winter to spring.

10. Crassula schmidtii

Thin stems of this crassula bear intricate shaped green leaves that turn coppery red when stressed. Famous for its mat-forming tendency, this succulent also bears pink flowers on top of its stalks.

11. Crassula perforata ‘Variegata’

Types of Crassula 6

It features gray-green leaves that look like they’re stacked on each other. The slight pink to yellow hint on the margins enhances its overall visual. It also grows pale yellow flowers during spring.

12. Crassula tetragona

The succulent resembles a miniature pine tree and can also be trained to grow in the desired shape using wires. It also produces white flowers that match perfectly with its needle-like, blue-green leaves.

13. Crassula sarmentosa

Types of Crassula 7

The succulent features green leaves with a serrated and cream-yellow border that offers it a variegated appearance. You can also make it take a red hue by keeping it in full sun.

14. Crassula streyi

This crassula variety has a sprawling growth habit. Its leaves have gray-green color, while the undersides have a maroon shade. With time, the leaves become larger in size.

15. Crassula falcata

Types of Crassula 8

Its propeller-shaped, blue-green leaves look fantastic! The beauty of the succulent enhances as the scarlet red blooms emerge during mid-summers.

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