8 Things Nobody Tells You About Houseplants

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some important Things Nobody Tells You About Houseplants that will come handy in the long run to keep them at the best of their health.

Things Nobody Tells You About Houseplants

Indoor plants might be easy to look after, but there are still certain Things Nobody Tells You About Houseplants when it comes to long-term maintenance. What are they? Time to find out!

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Things Nobody Tells You About Houseplants

1. Some Plants Need Humidity

Plants like Fern, Gardenia, Snake plant, Spider plant, and Parlor palm like humidity. For their best growth, you can also buy a humidifier. Alternatively, place a container in a saucer filled with water. Misting the leaves is also a good option to increase humidity.

2. Plants Don’t Like to be Cluttered

Avoid giving your home a jungle look by growing multiple plants together in a small area. Plants like space as it allows for good airflow. One tall houseplant at a corner along with 2-3 small ones will be more than enough.

3. Pick Hardy Plants Over Trendy Ones

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Trendy plants don’t respond well to indoor conditions and also need extra attention. Go for tough and adaptable houseplants like the snake plant, rubber plant, ZZ, or pothos that do well indoors, even at low light places.

4. Some Houseplants Can be Toxic to Pets and Children

According to ASPCA, some parts like flower, leaves, or stem of certain houseplants can be toxic. For instance, the sago palm is very toxic to dogs, whereas the lilies are deadly for cats.

5. Watering Needs

Do not keep the same watering schedule for all the houseplants. Every plant has different needs and the best way to water is by checking the topsoil. If it feels dry to touch, water. As simple as that.

6. Houseplants Need Cleaning

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Clean the leaves of your houseplants with a damp cloth periodically, as the layer of dust on the leaves inhibits the photosynthesis process. For the plants like the African violet, that hate getting their leaves wet, simply brush the foliage using a soft bristle hairbrush.

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7. Growing Medium

Plants like succulents and cacti require dry and sandy soil. On the other hand, houseplants like Pothos, Jade, Ivy, Aloe, and Rubber plant do well in garden soil.

8. Light Requirements

Sunlight plays a vital role in the survival of plants. Succulents and cacti prefer direct sunlight, whereas plants like Chinese Evergreen, Heart-Leaf Philodendron, Nerve Plants, and Spider Plants do well in dappled light.

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