10 Creative Summer Terrace Garden Ideas in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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The hot months are approaching fast, and here are some great Summer Terrace Garden Ideas that will help you use the space on your deck in an ingenious way!

Here are some awesome Summer Terrace Garden Ideas that will let you have a green space of your own and will also help to lower down the temperature of rooms.

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Summer Terrace Garden Ideas

1. Provide Shade

Summer Terrace Garden Ideas

To save your plants from the scorching heat, install shade cloth to protect them from direct sun rays. Also, cover the soil of the container plants with mulch or pebbles. It will keep the temperature even and will prevent water loss.

2. Focus on Lighting

During the summer evening, a green terrace is all you need to lounge for a while. So, illuminating a roof with the string of light or lanterns around the plants will look wonderful.

3. Keep it Colorful

Summer Terrace Garden Ideas 2

Add flowering plants to add colors to the terrace. As most of the flowers enjoy full sun, they will thrive happily. You can also grow citrus trees and add colorful succulents.

4. Instal a Misting System

Misting system on the terrace is quite important, as it will cool the surrounding air, making it advantageous for the plants.

5. Add a Water Feature

Summer Terrace Garden Ideas 3

Nothing can be as soothing as sitting near a water feature during harsh summers. You can create a cooling water feature like a water fountain in the terrace garden as its water sound evokes calm vibes. It also adds useful moisture and humidity to the garden plants.

6. Using Vertical Space

Railing, pergola, arch, or wall can be used for gardening. You can install window boxes on the railing and grow colorful flowers for a display.

Alternatively,  use pergolas or walls for trailing flowering or vegetable vines. It will also add cascading effect to the terrace garden.

7. Covered Sitting and Furniture

Summer Terrace Garden Ideas 4

You can go for either retractable roof that has inbuilt rolling fabric that can be used for covered sitting. This will also protect the plant from the harsh afternoon sun. A large umbrella is also a great option.

8. Use Tall Plants

Besides using plants, and flowers, an addition of tall plants makes a stylish statement. Growing bamboo or Madagascar dragon tree will help maximize the greenery and act as a privacy screen for your terrace.


9. Soft Music

Summer Terrace Garden Ideas 5

The addition of soft music adds a thrilling experience to your summer garden. You can use simple chimes and bells for adding spiritual elements to your terrace garden.

Also, grow scented flowers like lantana, jasmine, or roses as their fragrances tranquilize the surrounding aura.

10. Re-Use Old things as DIY

With the help of tires or plastic bottles, you can give your rooftop garden a new look. Use them as hanging flower containers, or you can paint these tires with multiple colors to make them work as funky sitting arrangements too!

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