12 Beautiful Succulents in Mason Jar Ideas

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Want to grow succulents in a different way? Here are some really beautiful Succulents in Mason Jar ideas that you can use!

If you are an avid houseplant enthusiast and love to grow succulents in a variety of ways then you’re in for a treat today! We have really charming Succulents in Mason Jar ideas that you’d definitely love to try in your rooms.

Here’s all you need to know on making succulents colorful

Beautiful Planter Ideas

1. Mason Jar Planter

Succulents in Mason Jar

Minimalistic yet elegant, use Mason jar, rocks, cactus mix, succulents, and moss to create this one.

2. Mason Jar Terrarium

The blogger has used different succulents in red, yellow, and orange hues for a spectacular show of colors. for falls and winters.

3. Artificial Succulents Planter

Succulents in Mason Jar 2

Use sand, crushed shells, rocks, moss, and artificial succulents to make a succulent mason jar terrarium.

4. Mason Jar Wall Art

Hang your favorite succulents to the wall using mason jars and a wooden plank. Details are here.

5. Succulent in a Small Jar

Succulents in Mason Jar 3

Here’s a great way to use small bottles or mason jar from the kitchen to grow succulents.

6. Hanging Mason Jar Planter

Use a mason jar, pipe clamp, screw, and screwdriver to make this awesome planter at home.

7. Knotted String Hanging Planter

Succulents in Mason Jar 4

Hanging planters knotted with the jute or string acts as a focal point for the interiors. Use string or twine and unused jars for making this.

8. Hanging Mason Jar

Using seashells, in this hanging planter, instead of rocks or gravels at the bottom of the jar will aid in drainage. Details are here.

9. Succulents in Colorful Mason Jars

Succulents in Mason Jar 5

Watch this video to make cute looking mason jar planters for succulents in bright colors.

10. Kawaii Unicorn Succulent Planter

This ‘coveted looking unicorn planter‘ is quite easy to make using paint, felt sheet, glitter foam sheet, hot glue, and succulents.

11. DIY Fall Succulent Mason Jar

You can use a bow and artificial maple leaves to make this awesome planter. Watch this video for more details.

12. Mason Jar Succulent Terrarium

Succulents in Mason Jar 6

Here, the YouTuber has used layers of moss, rocks, and potting soil for making a simple yet cute planter.

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