17 Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas for Indian Homes

Last Updated: 22.11.2023
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Check out the awesome Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas to grow these mini-plants in a unique and fun way! They are also cheap!

Thanks to their eye-catching look, gorgeous colors, and unique shapes, you can plant succulents in various ways to make them look more beautiful. Here are some charming Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas that’ll surely add to the look of your rooms.

Here are the most gorgeous pink succulents you can grow

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas

1. Succulent Frame

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 1

You can turn any unused picture frame into a captivating succulent planter. This artistic frame requires garden fabric, picture frame, hardy succulents, and some other essentials.

2. DIY Indoor Succulent Planter

This arrangement featuring succulents in a transparent glass planter will add a visual to your home. The designer uses a layer of large gravel, cactus potting soil, and small gravel as a growing medium.

3. DIY Mothers Day Teacup Planters

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 3

Use vintage cups to grow succulents in a fun way. Here, the blogger uses some decorative rocks and attaches a gift tag through the string to add more appeal.

4. DIY Copper PVC Wall Planter

Among all ideas, this PVC wall planter is one of the best, thanks to its innovative concept. Also, the coating of copper metallic paint adds the right amount of glitz to the whole arrangement.

5. Seashell Succulent Planter

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 5

This seashell planter is going to bring a beachy feel to your home. The blogger has used tiny succulents like echeverias and hybrid aloes.

6. Succulent Planter From Vintage Books

Turn old vintage books into artistic succulent planters. Make a hole at the center and plant succulents of your choice.

7. Succulent Terrarium

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 7

Grow trailing succulents in a glass terrarium and place it on tabletops or windowsill for an added charm indoors.

8. Succulents in a Rusty Suitcase

An old suitcase isn’t very hard to find, as every household has at least one. Upcycle it into a succulent planter with the help of this tutorial.

9. Succulent Garden Bowl

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 9

This glass bowl planter with succulents makes for a striking statement. You can use stones, sphagnum moss, reindeer moss, and cacti soil as growing medium.

10. Cup Succulent Planters

This DIY succulent planter is really fun to craft and looks gorgeous at any tea table. The major part of this tutorial involves painting, so you can even involve your kids to prepare it.

11. Style a Shelf With Succulent Bookends

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 11

How about watching your favorite books surrounded by greenery and river stones? Create a similar succulent planter craft for your bookshelf.

12. Coke Can Succulent Planter

Reuse coke cans to make this succulent planter. You can also cut them to different sizes and group together.

13. Recycled Succulent Planter

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 13

This burlap succulent planter is made from recycling unused cane from the kitchen and wrapping it with a  burlap and lace for an exceptional look.

14. Recycle Old Jars into Succulent Planting Pots

These twine-wrapped colorful planters can liven up any dull corner of your home. To craft this, choose any glass jar and cover it with the jute strings.

15. White Indoor Succulent Planter Box

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 15

This cute box, with a bunch of succulents, is an ideal gift for a plant lover. A piece of plastic, a small box, a set of mini succulents, and a suitable cacti soil is all you will need for recreating this craft.

16. Mini Truck Succulent Planter

An old mini truck can serve as a great planter to grow small succulents. You can also use any other toy from your kid’s collection.

17. Unicorn Planter DIY

Succulent Indoor Planter Ideas 17

This unicorn planter is a perfect project for kids! Just paint a terracotta pot and decorate it with fabric scraps.

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