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Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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A miniature indoor garden with Succulent in a Glass Bowl will look a lot more charming as compared to growing them in pots. Here are some awesome ideas.

With the growing condo living culture, the demand for aesthetic home decor is on all-time high. If you too love houseplants, then these Succulent in a Glass Bowl ideas are worth a try!

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Succulent in a Glass Bowl Ideas

1. Succulent Terrarium in a Clear Glass Bubble Bowl

Succulent in a Glass Bowl

Use tall and short succulent varieties in a clear glass bubble bowl along with pea gravel or aquarium rocks.

2. Succulent Garden Bowl

This one uses a large glass bowl, succulents and cacti, stones, sphagnum moss, and reindeer moss.

3. Glass, Ceramic, or Concrete Containers

Succulent in a Glass Bowl 2

Glass, ceramic, or concrete containers can be a great option to grow succulents. Put them together on a shelf for a classy look.

4. Planter from a Glass Bowl

Use any bowl, paint it with regular craft color paint and give it a coating of mod podge as a paint sealer. and you’re done! Details are here.

5. Small Succulent Glass Bowl

Succulent in a Glass Bowl 4

Watch this video to make yourself a quick succulent bowl with minimal accessories and plants!

6. Mini Glass Bowl Planter

We have a great video on our channel on making a cute succulent planter in a small glass. Perfect for coffee tables!

7. Terrarium in a Glass Bowl

Succulent in a Glass Bowl 5

This DIY glass bowl features cactus, gravels, rocks, sand, bridge, and other decorative stuff for a cute looking planter.

8. Dollar Tree DIY Faux Succulent Garden

This succulent planter is made using faux succulents but you can also use real ones.

9. Fish Bowl Terrarium

Succulent in a Glass Bowl 6

Using white rocks, soil, and small succulents, you can make this cute looking planter for small spaces.

10. Sea Glass Fishing Float Succulent Planter

Coat sea glass with aqua hued krylon spray paint and use knotted jute twine to make for a great looking hanging planter for succulents.

11. Sea Glass Bowl

Succulent in a Glass Bowl 7

Stick light blue colored glass chips all over a bowl to give it a nice texture and use it to plant succulents of your choice.

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