10 Beautiful Succulent Fountain Ideas

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Add a mini water feature in your garden using these Succulent Fountain Ideas. They are easy to make and look beautiful too!

The best thing about succulents is that they look super cute and they are very easy to maintain. If you have a small open space in your garden, then you could use these Succulent Fountain Ideas to add more charm and appeal to it!

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Beautiful Succulent Fountain Ideas

1. Vintage Succulent Fountain

Succulent Fountain Ideas

This vintage-looking succulent fountain will look great in any type of garden.

2. Architectural Succulent Fountain

Grow donkey tail, string of pearls, and string of figs, in a classy way using this fountain idea.

3. Wall-Mounted Standalone Fountain

Succulent Fountain Ideas 2

This wall-mounted standalone fountain is a great way to fill up a corner!

4. Fountain With Cacti and Succulents

Using a wide container, a plastic bowl, urn, a pump with a tube, a mesh screen, soil, rocks, succulents, and cacti, you can make this one easily.

5. Old Unused Fountain into a Succulent Fountain

Succulent Fountain Ideas 3

Re-paint an old fountain and arrange succulents of your choice to give it a new look!

6. Clay Fountain

Use one clay plate with two clay pots to make a DIY fountain. Watch the video for more details.

7.  DIY Succulent Fountain

Succulent Fountain Ideas 4

The mix of trailing and colorful succulents make this fountain look simply fantastic!

8. Pots Fountain

Using two different pot sizes, you can create a dramatic effect. Details are here.

9. Mini Fountain with Light

Succulent Fountain Ideas 5

Watch this video to make a small and attractive fountain for your garden!

10. A Large Fountain Project

Get a readymade large fountain and use it creatively to grow many succulents. For more details, watch the video here.

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