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Last Updated: 02.01.2024
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Looking for easy-to-grow plants for limited space? Do not worry! These Small Succulent Plants, with their gorgeous looks, fit your requirements perfectly!

Succulents are one of the easiest to care for and grow plants. What makes them unique is that they come in many shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any place. So, if you’re living in an apartment in a city like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad, these Small Succulent Plants are the best choice!

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Beautiful Small Succulent Plants

1. Burro’s Tail

Botanical Name: Sedum Morganianum

This succulent has trailing stems covered with blue-green colored and delicate engorged leaves.  Producing pink terminal flowers during summer, this beautiful small succulent plant looks great in hanging baskets and pots.

Growing Tip: Choose any bright spot for growing it, as it appreciates bright and indirect sunlight.

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2. Hen and Chicks


Botanical Name: Sempervivum Tectorum.

Growing only up to 6-8 inches tall, the tapered ends of these gray-green leaves are flushed with pink splashes. During summers, it produces mauve-pink to purple-pink flowers at the top of the stems.

Growing Tip: Full sun with afternoon shade keeps this plant healthy and long-lasting.

3. J.Meyrán

Botanical Name: Sedum Hernandezii 

So tiny yet cute, this 4-5 inches tall succulent forms a tight rosette that consists of densely packed blue-green leaves. Its beauty becomes two-fold when a yellow to peach-hued, bell-shaped flower emerges during the spring season. It is one of the most beautiful small succulent plants. 

Growing Tip: Water infrequently but deeply, and use well-draining soil to avoid root rot problems.

4. Little Missy

Botanical Name: Sedum ‘Little Missy’

Oval to round-shaped leaves of this succulent is escorted with an off-white margin. During summer, it bears a cluster of pink flowers. Gardeners usually use it as a ground cover, but you can flourish them in pots as well.

Growing Tip: Keep in full sun to partial shade but protect them from the scorching afternoon heat.

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5. Living Stones

Botanical Name: Lithops

These succulents earned this name due to their pebble-like appearance. On their foliage surface, they have a “windowpane,” which helps penetrate sunlight inside.

Growing Tip: Keep them in bright light and avoid overwatering. 

6. Baby Jade

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

Fleshy and plump leaves turn reddish from the edges under direct, bright sunlight. It also produces white hues and star-shaped blossoms during winter. You can keep it smaller, like the bonsai, by regular pruning. It is one of the best small succulent plants.

Growing Tip: Bright and indirect sunlight of approx 6 hours keep baby jade in desirable condition.

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7. Elegant Crassula


Botanical Name: Crassula elegans

Intense green leaves of this succulent turn ruby red to purple from the tipping point when exposed to full sun. Growing up to 3-inches around, it bears cream to brown tone flowers that release a mild pleasing fragrance.

Growing Tip: During mid-spring, you can feed this succulent with organic fertilizer to encourage good growth.

8. Roseum

Botanical Name: Allium Roseum

The leaves of Roseum sedum are scalloped from the margins and acquire luscious green color. The green shade gradually fades to rosy-pink color with a cluster of pink-hued flowers during summer.

Growing Tip: Water them just once a week and check if it shows underwatering signs like wrinkly leaves.

9. Panda Plant

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe Tomentosa

The gray to green-hued leaves of this succulent is tinted with dark brown flecks near the edges. It is an excellent indoor plant primarily grown for foliage, as its tubular-shaped flowers rarely blossom.

Growing Tip: This succulent can be fed with dilute fertilizer in four-week intervals from spring to summer.

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10. California Sunset


Botanical Name: Graptosedum

Attaining a height of up to 6-8 inches, this hybrid variety is known for its vibrancy. Its compact rosette consists of thick and engorged pale-green leaves with splashes of deep pink color across its leaf surface.

Growing Tip: Water the plant during the morning or evening only, protecting the plant from afternoon sun rays.

11. Century Plant


Botanical Name: Agave sp.

These are one of the most beautiful small succulent plants that grow large foliage with sharp points. Most gardeners will enjoy growing them for their soft foliage.

Gardening Tip: Easy to grow succulents that require bright sunlight and sandy, well-draining soil.

12. Ball Cactus


Botanical Name: Parodia magnifica

These are one of the most classic look small succulent plants that are round and large with bundles of spines. It is known best for its round, ball shape.

Growing Tip: Ball cactus will do best with a cool winter season and is often grown outdoors due to its sunlight requirements.

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13. Chinese Money Plant


Botancial Name: Pilea Peperomioides

This small, sweet plant sporting bright green pancakes or coin-shaped leaves can brighten any room! These succulents are easy to grow and propagate.

Growing Tip: These succulents generally grow indoors and require light shade and well-draining soil.

14. Crown of Thorns


Botanical Name: Euphorbia Milii

Associated with the crown of thorns worn by Christ, this small succulent plant is popular all around the world. It produces tiny, round flowers that are bracts in various bright colors.

Gardening Tip: They require complete care for better yields. Give them at least four hours of sunlight daily.

15. Devil’s Backbone

Botanical Name: Euphorbia tithymaloides

They produce tiny plantlets along the edges of their leaves, and, in time, the mother plant passes away and drops these baby plants into the soil to propogate.

Gardening Tip: These plants are easy to grow and require half-strength or cactus fertilizer once every few months.

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16. String of Dolphins


Botanical Name: Senecio Peregrinus

It is one of the most Beautiful Small Succulent Plants with leaves that look like dolphins. Grow it in hanging baskets for best display.

Growing Tip: Generally grown indoors, these succulents love bright and indirect light and well-draining succulent mix soil.

17. Easter Lily Cactus


Botanical Name: Echinopsis oxygona

This spiny columnar cactus is a great choice for anyone looking for a small succulent that also produces beautiful flowers. Give it plenty of sunlight.

Growing Tip: Use well-draining soil and provide plenty of light.

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18. Flowering Kalanchoe


Botanical Name: Kalanchoe Blossfeldana

For any one who wants an easy-care plant that also blooms, Flowering Kalanchoe is the best option. These are one of the most Beautiful Small Succulent Plants to grow.

Growing Tip: Use well-draining soil.

19. Wax Plant

Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa

If you like succulents that don’t look like succulents, the Wax Plant is a great choice! This plant is a uniquely-shaped draping vine that produces a show of delightful pink, star-shaped blooms.

Growing Tip: Use a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month.

20. Jelly Bean


Botanical Name: Sedum rubrotinctum

These succulents are easy-care plants with plump, fleshy tubular leaves. In the summer, with enough sun exposure, the leaves take a bronze-red color.

Growing Tip: For best color, expose them to 3-5 hours of bright sunlight. 

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