Top Sarso Khali Uses in the Garden | Using Mustard Cake

Last Updated: 17.10.2023
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If you want an eco-friendly fertilizer for your plants, then Mustard Cake is a great pick! Have a look at Sarso Khali Uses in the Garden.

Sarso Khali Uses in the Garden

Sarso Khali is the leftover residue of mustard oil or meal production. The mustard oil cake is used as organic fertilizer as it is rich in potassium, nitrogen, protein, magnesium, sulfur, and phosphorus, which are beneficial for garden plants. Moreover, this mustard cake is eco-friendly, renders no harmful effects on the plants. Let’s have a look at Sarso Khali Uses in the Garden!

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Sarso Khali Uses in the Garden

As a Fertilizer

The sarso khali is traditionally used in India as an organic fertilizer for flowering and vegetable plants. Add it as a slow-release fertilizer, and it will provide all the micronutrients that a plant needs to thrive.

As a Pesticide

The addition of mustard cake in the soil prevents the plant from fungus infections due to root rotting. Moreover, it also suppresses the pests like nematodes and aphides.

How to Apply Sarso Khali in the Garden and Potted Plants

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1. As an Organic Topdressing

Make a powder of the mustard cake by grinding it in a mixer. Topdress the vegetable or flowering plants with the layer of this powdered khali. Alternatively, you can mix 20-gram of powdered mustard cake in the soil as a slow-release, organic fertilizer.

2. As a Liquid Fertilizer

Ferment the mustard cake in an earthen pot or any plastic bucket by soaking 100-grams of sarso Khali in 1-liter of water. Mix it well. Now, cover the bucket with a lid and let it brew for 3-4 days. After 4 days, dilute it further by mixing 500 ml water into the fermented solution. Use this liquid fertilizer on flowering and vegetable plants.

3. As a Potting Soil Ingredient

Along with the other parts like coco peat, sand, perlite, and garden soil, you can also use sarso khali in potting soil, especially for flowering and vegetable plants. Make sure to use only one part of sarso khali in the potting mix to aid profound blooming and accelerated growth.

Note: Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after its use. Also, avoid touching the eyes after handling sarso khali as it can cause eye irritation.

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