Growing Ring of Fire Plant in India

Last Updated: 11.03.2024

If you love a little bit of spice in your garden and food, you should learn Growing Ring of Fire Plant!

Growing Ring of Fire Plant in garden

The Ring of Fire plant gives tons of chillies most of the year and can be grown with little care. The best part, you can also grow it easily in pots!

Ring of Fire Plant Information

The Ring of Fire is a chilli that gets its name from its fiery heat. It thrives in warm, sunny climates, making it perfect to grow in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Goa.

The plant grows about 3 feet tall and is a heavy yielder that starts producing fruits just 2-3 months after planting. This chilli packs a serious punch and ranges from 70,000 to 85,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). It has a fruity and sweet aroma but is even hotter than a jalapeno!

Propagating Ring of Fire Plant

propagating Growing Ring of Fire Plant in pot

You can propagate a Ring of Fire chilli plant with seeds, but you’ll have a better chance if you use cuttings, so here’s what to do.

Take a healthy stem cutting with 2-3 nodes (leaf bumps) and plant it in a pot with a well-draining potting mix. Water it lightly and keep the pot in bright light so it stays warm. You can also use a plastic bag to cover it up and create a mini greenhouse. That’s it – your chilli plant will start growing roots in 3-4 weeks and turn into a beautiful plant.

Requirements for Growing Ring of Fire Plant

 Ring of Fire Plant pot near window


Ring of Fire plants love full sun and will grow the best if you give them 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. For apartment dwellers, a sunny balcony or a window is a must!


The Ring of Fire needs well-draining soil. Create a mix of:

  • 2 parts red soil 
  • 1 part well-aged cow dung manure (गोबर खाद) for nutrients and drainage
  • 1 part coarse sand for aeration and drainage

Mix all of these well, and your plant will thank you with spicy chillies!


Check the top soil with your thumb – if it feels dry, you should water it. Do not moisten the growing medium daily as it may result in rotting of the roots, which will result in fewer or no chillies.


Ring of Fire chillies grow best in warm climates where the temperature stays between 20 and 30°C. If you live in a colder region, you should use a greenhouse or grow it indoors.

Ring of Fire Chilli Plant Care

pruning Ring of Fire Chilli Plant


For a nutrient boost, we recommend using well-aged cow dung manure. Just a handful of it around the base of the plant every 2 months can help it grow better. Only do it from March – October which is the growing season. avoid feeding the plant in winters.


When your plant is young and growing (6-7 weeks old), you can pinch the growing tip of the few leaves at the top – this will help you in a bushier growth and more chillies.

Pests and Diseases

Aphids and mealybugs are the common culprits that can cause your Ring of Fire chilli harm, so use neem oil to get rid of these. Also, look out for bacterial wilt.

Harvesting Ring of Fire Chilli Plant

Harvesting Growing Ring of Fire Plant in India

You can harvest these all throughout their growing season. Check for the colour, and pick when they get a rich red hue. You can even harvest a few green chillies for milder heat a bit earlier in the season.

 The chillies appear 70-80 days after propagation and are given new chillis every 2-3 weeks once they’re harvested. When you’re picking these off, use scissors to snip or twist the chillies off the stem so the stalk is intact.

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