12 Unique PVC Pipe Planter Ideas

Last Updated: 08.03.2024
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Here are some awesome PVC Pipe Planter Ideas that you can use easily to grow plants! They are great for small spaces and look beautiful!

Using old or unused items for gardening is a clever way to grow plants of your choice. Have a look at some useful PVC Pipe Planter Ideas!

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PVC Pipe Planter Ideas

1. Swing Flower Pipe Pot

PVC Pipe Planter Ideas

This golden plastic pipe planter is great for growing snake plants and succulents. Cut the pipes into small pieces, spray paint them with a golden shade, and hang them using a string.

2. PVC Pipe Vertical Garden

This DIY vertical garden made from plastic pipes can be hung anywhere for a showy display. It is quite useful for growing flowers or herbs.

3. Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter

PVC Pipe Planter Ideas 2

Here are all the details you need to make a vertical planter to grow strawberries in a compact space!

4. DIY PVC Hanging Planter

All you need is a gold-painted PVC pipe, some strings, and succulents of your choice to make this beautiful hanging garden for your windows! For details, watch this video.

5. Modern Pillar Planter

PVC Pipe Planter Ideas 3

To create this DIY pillar planter, all you will need is 2-feet and 6-inches wide PVC pipe, 12-inches rebar, potting soil, and grasses or ferns.

6. PVC Pipe Succulent Planters

If you love succulents, then display them in style by cutting large-diameter PVC pipe and using it as a planter. DIY here.

7. PVC Pots for Succulents

PVC Pipe Planter Ideas 4

For this DIY, you need only PVC couplings, caps from the plumbing department, some succulents, and potting mix.

8. Golden PVC Pipe Garden Planters

You need PVC pipe, PVC cap, bright gold spray paint, and petunias for this beautiful planter. Watch this video for all the details.

9. Pothos Planter from PVC Pipe

Transform PVC pipes into stylish hanging planters for growing pothos and other plants! You can find the steps in this video.

10. Vertical Garden from PVC Pipe

All you need is a long PVC pipe, some black zip ties, a hacksaw, a drill, and a few other supplies to make this DIY.

11. PVC Tube Flower Holder

PVC pipes, mosaic cubes, broken ceramics, tiles, pebbles, shells, snails for decoration, and an adhesive will help you craft this DIY easily!

12. Pipe Garden

You can make a space-saving arrangement to grow plants using PVC stormwater pipe, elbow, junction, and caps! Details are here.

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