12 Beautiful Purple Indoor Plants You Can Grow in India

Last Updated: 17.10.2023
Sakshi Kasat
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Sakshi Kasat, an indoor gardener and content creator from Indore, India, transitioned from teaching to follow her gardening passion during the pandemic. She's an expert in indoor gardening, with over 150 articles published. Her favorite plant, the Peace Lily, reflects her mission to inspire others. In gardening and writing, she finds pure inspiration and contentment.

Add color and contrast to your room with these beautiful Purple Indoor Plants! They match really well with other green houseplants too!

These Purple Indoor Plants will help you add a dash of color and a lot of appeal to the home decor! Have a look at the best ones.

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Most Beautiful Purple Indoor Plants

1. Purple Oxalis

 Purple Indoor Plants

Botanical Name: Oxalis triangularis

The triangular foliage is flushed with a dark purple color that resembles the wings of a butterfly. The plant also bears tiny white to pale pink flowers that complement well with the dark hue of the foliage.

2. Ti Plant

Botanical Name: Cordyline fruticosa ‘Purple compacta’

The palm-like Ti plant features long and narrow leaves flushed with stunning shades of pale pink, green, purple, or deep red depending upon the cultivar. It asks for bright light to intensify its vibrant foliage.

3. Wandering Jew

 Purple Indoor Plants 2

Botanical Name: Tradescantia zebrina

The wonderful mix of silver and purple stripes on the leaves make this plant stand out from the rest. This hardy perennial also produces white to violet flowers with three petals.

4. Rex Begonia

Botanical Name: Begonia rex-cultorum

The wonderful fusion of purple, silver, and green tones on the foliage makes the plant look stunning. The shapes and color mixing of leaves may vary according to the cultivar chosen.

5. Purple Waffle Plant

 Purple Indoor Plants 3

Botanical Name: Hemigraphis alternata

The purple leaves of this plant with a waffle texture and a gloss make an impressive statement. It does best in warm temperatures. humid environment and regular watering.

6. Purple Queen

Botanical Name: Tradescantia pallida

The fuzzy and lance-shaped leaves flushed with purple shade add a bit of drama to the place. This plant has a sprawling growth habit hence also used as the ground cover.

7. Calathea

 Purple Indoor Plants 4

Botanical Name: Calathea zebrina

Green leaves with silver markings and purple underside give a flush of colors! It can thrive in low light and come in a multitude of varieties.

8. Rubber Plant

Botanical Name: Ficus elastica

The dark green foliage with wonderful variegations of pink to purple hues makes it a statement piece.  The plant is also admired for its indoor air purifying quality verified by NASA’s clean air study.

9. Purple Velvet

 Purple Indoor Plants 5

Botanical Name: Gynura aurantiaca

The green leaves of this plant are surrounded by a cluster of purple-blue strands. The foliage also looks artificial, thanks to its glossy and velvety surface texture.

10. Prayer Plant


Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeura

This tropical plant features green leaves with purple to dark green variegations along with light-hued veins. The plant’s leaves fold back in the nighttime like praying hands and then unfurl again during the dusk.

11. Coleus

 Purple Indoor Plants 6

Botanical Name: Coleus scutellarioides

The foliage of the plant has a wonderful mix of green, purple and maroon. This vibrant houseplant also bears tiny white to pale blue flowers that may appear at any time of the year.

12. Iron Cross Begonia


Botanical Name: Begonia masoniana

Oval and green leaves of cross begonia are flushed with a cross-shaped purple-chocolaty blotch near the center. This evergreen plant loves thriving in the shade and hence is a great addition to low-light rooms.

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