Popular Fruits Names in Bengali

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Are you fond of Bengali culture and want to know more about the language? This list of  Popular Fruits Names in Bengali will help your vocab!

Bengali ranks seventh in the list of the most spoken languages of the world. Moreover, the Bengali culture is enumerated by its intrigue literature, music, and drama, which are based upon their traditional folklores. Learn more about the languague here by exploring Popular Fruits Names in Bengali!

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Popular Fruits Names in Bengali

1. Mango

Popular Fruits Names in Bengali

Bengali Name: Aam

The sweet mangoes with a tangy hint can be tossed on fruit salad or prepared into Bengali style chutney.

2. Apple

Bengali Name: Aapel

Apples beat hunger pangs, while its cider vinegar juice is used as dressing in various cuisines.

3. Guava

Bengali Name: Peyara

Known as the treasure trove of nutrients, guavas are relished fresh with salty seasoning.

4. Pomegranate

Bengali Name: Dareem / Dalim

Packed with Vitamin-B, C, K, the pomegranates add delectable flavor to pudding, salad, and dessert.

5. Pineapple

Bengali Name: Anaros

The balanced blend of sweet-tarty flavor makes it the best devour for all ages.

6. Cherry

Bengali Name: Aswagandha

Cherries not only ginger up the overall taste of desserts, and pies, but also pop up their visual appeal.

7. Banana

Popular Fruits Names in Bengali 2

Bengali Name: Kola

High in the carb, fibers, and minerals, adding bananas in your diet keep your heart, and eyes healthy.

8. Grapes

Bengali Name: Angoor

Grapes are used for raisin, wine, and table purposes.

9. Sweet Lime

Bengali Name: Musumbi / Tok lebu

A glass of scrumptious lime juice is all you need to kick start your day.

10. Custard Apple

Bengali Name: Ata

The pulp of the fruit is scooped for relishing raw or preparing delicacies.

11. Date

Bengali Name: Khejoor

Dates are abundant sources of Vitamins-B, A, C, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, and iron.

12. Fig

Bengali Name: Dumur

The fig or anjeer is known for its umpteen health benefits and mostly cherished in dried form.

13. Blackberry

Popular Fruits Names in Bengali 3

Bengali Name: Kalo Jam

Deep purple berries work as a counterpoint in jams, salads, fruit bowls and puddings.

14. Pear

Bengali Name: Nashpati

This low-carb and high fiber content fruit is the best bet for weight loss.

15. Coconut

Bengali Name: Narikel

Summers call for refreshing and sweet sips of coconut water.

16. Watermelon

Bengali Name: Tormooj

Crispy and sweet cubes of frozen watermelon are true dessert on their own!

17. Cantaloup

Bengali Name: Footi

Hydrating cantaloupe is a boon for healthy eyes, skin, and hair.

18. Jackfruit

Bengali Name: Kaathal

Jackfruit is an integral part of a vegetarian diet.

19. Litchi

Popular Fruits Names in Bengali 4

Bengali Name: Lichu

The pear-like flavor with a rose hint goes best with pies, desserts, and cake garnishings.

20. Orange

Bengali Name: Kamla Lebu

Enjoy it fresh or blend it with basil leaves and ice cubes to have a revitalizing smoothie in summers.

21. Papaya

Bengali Name: Pepe

Papaya is a scrumptious addition to fruit cups and salads.

22. Plum

Bengali Name: Boroi

You can snack on the tarty plums, toss them on desserts, or add underripe ones in savory dishes.

23. Sapodilla

Bengali Name: Sapeta / Sabeda

The goodness of sapodilla can be fused with strawberry and milk to prepare a lip-smacking smoothie.

24. Gooseberry

Bengali Name: Amlaki

Every Indian pantry is known for its huge stock of acetous murabba made by fusing gooseberries.

25. Kiwi

Popular Fruits Names in Bengali 5

Bengali Name: Kibi

Packed with vitamin C, K, E, folate, and potassium, the green flesh of kiwi has tangy-sweet mixed taste.

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