Popular Fruits Name in Malayalam

Last Updated: 02.01.2024
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Rich in vocabulary, and grammar, Malayalam is a significant language of India. Learn more about its vocab with the list of Fruits Name in Malayalam!

Malayalam‘ is the longest palindrome word that reads the same from back and forth. The language is chiefly spoken by Malayali people belonging to Kerela, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry. The language is said to have a rich literary history and is considered a close cousin to Tamil. Here is a list of popular Fruits Name in Malayalam that’ll help you learn more about the languague!

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Popular Fruits Name in Malayalam

1. Apricot

Fruits Name in Malayalam 1

Malayalam Name: Mutta Pazham

Apricots adds a sweet-tangy note to the savory dishes.

2. Avocado

Malayalam Name: Vennai Pazham

Loaded with vitamins-B, K, E, C, and fibers, smooth and creamy avocados are a healthy addition to salads.

3. Banana

Malayalam Name: Vazha Pazham

Fibrous bananas are good for kick-starting your day.

4. Apple

Malayalam Name: Apple Pazham

The juicy and crispy apples are ideal stand-alone snacks to satiate mid-meal hunger.

5. Muskmelon

Malayalam Name: Parangi Pazham

Refreshing slice of muskmelon is ideal to curb your sugar craving during tedious summers.

6. Blueberry

Malayalam Name: Njara Pazham

Sweet blueberries, with a tarty hint, go well in smoothies and Pies.

7. Guava

Fruits Name in Malayalam 2

Malayalam Name: Perakka

A treasure trove of nutrients, an aromatic and fresh guavas dusted with salt are true dessert on their own.

8. Jackfruit

Malayalam Name: Chakka

The texture of jackfruit is reminiscent of pulled pork complementing well in noodles and savory dishes.

9. Kiwi

Malayalam Name: Kiwi

Use kiwis to tenderize meat dishes or add them in tarts and custards.

10. Lychee

Malayalam Name: Lychee Pazham

Lychees can enhance the visual of desserts or can be blended with sugar syrup and lemon for a sherbet.

11. Mango

Malayalam Name: Maanga

The squeezed pulp of mangoes is used in umpteen ways including shake, lassi, and ice cream toppings.

12. Mulberry

Malayalam Name: Batchanillathinte Pazham / Mulberrypazham

Consume them straight out of hand or use as natural food colorants, mulberries play versatile roles.

13. Pineapple

Fruits Name in Malayalam 3

Malayalam Name: Kaithachakka

The pine-shaped spiny rind encasing aromatic and fruity flesh makes it one of the quintessential fruits.

14. Pear

Malayalam Name: Sabarjil

Sweet and juicy pears are a delightful addition to fruit cups and salads.

15. Pomegranate

Malayalam Name: Madhalanaranga / Uriyan Pazham

Reddish arils with sweet to sour hint spruces up the look and Palatability of the custard.

16. Raisin

Malayalam Name: Unakka Munthiri

Raisins are used as toppings for kheer, and fruit shakes to render extra sweetness and texture.

17. Sapodilla

Malayalam Name: Chikku

Melt in mouth texture and sweet flesh of sapodilla is scooped out to relish raw and in smoothies.

18. Grape

Malayalam Name: Munthiri

Coming in an array of colors, luscious grapes are sumptuous addition to custard, and fruit cups.

19. Fig

Fruits Name in Malayalam 4

Malayalam Name: Athi Pazham

High in vitamins, potassium, zinc, and copper, figs keep cholesterol and sugar level in check.

20. Date

Malayalam Name: Eetha pazham

The powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and sugar, dates are best to refuel the body.

21. Gooseberry

Malayalam Name: Nellika

Murabba prepared from the blend of gooseberries and sugar syrup is a delicacy!

22. Wood Apple

Malayalam Name: Vilampazham

Its pulp can be directly consumed or fused with sugar and coconut milk to relish the beverage.

23. Watermelon

Malayalam Name: Thannimathan

Nothing like relishing the frozen cubes of scrumptious watermelon during the hotter days.

24. Sweet Lime

Malayalam Name: Musambi

Summers bring the memories of a chilled glass of lime juice, spiked with lemon, and salt seasoning.

25. Custard Apple

Fruits Name in Malayalam 5

Malayalam Name: Seema Atha / Seetha Pazham

The milky pulp wrapped on the sheen black seeds imparts fruity essence and consistency to delicacies.

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