16 Most Beautiful Pink Succulents in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Love the subtle and calming shade of pink? Want the same hue in your plants? Here are some of the gorgeous Pink Succulents in India you can grow!

Succulents, thanks to their resilient, drought-tolerant, and low maintenance nature, are perfect for newbie gardeners. They come in a multitude of shades, among which the pink succulent types are the most appealing. If you are someone who’d love to have pink plants in your home, then have a look at some of the gorgeous Pink Succulents in India!

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Best Pink Color Succulents in India

1. Adenium / Desert Rose

Pink Succulents in India

Botanical Name: Adenium obesum

The tubular pink flowers of adenium make this succulent shrub look pretty. It has elongated green leaves and a swollen trunk that gives it a bonsai-like visual.

2. Kalanchoe

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Its long-lasting flowers appear in the fascinating shades of red, yellow, orange, and magenta. However, it’s the pink color that makes it one of a kind, matching great with its oval green leaves.

3. Crown of Thorns

Pink Succulents in India 2

Botanical Name: Euphorbia milii

The pink-colored bracts surround the tiny flowers of the crown of thorns. Famous for its upright growth pattern, its oval and bright green leaves grow on thorny stems.

4. Moon Cactus

Botanical Name: Gymnocalycium mihanovichii

The moon cactus features a vibrant stem that looks charming sitting atop a green segment. To increase its lifespan, moon cactus is usually grafted onto other species.

5. Pink African Milk Tree

Pink Succulents in India 3

Botanical Name: Euphorbia trigona

This succulent is famous for its resemblance to the cacti shape and looks gorgeous when placed against the white background. Features tiny leaves flushed with bright pink tones.

6. Pink Moonstone

Pink Succulents in India 4

Botanical Name: Pachyphytum oviferum

The fleshy and stone-like leaves of moonstone flushed with the light pink color looks exceptionally stunning. Pink moonstone succulent is a great addition to tea and coffee tables.

7. Sunrise Succulent

Botanical Name: Anacampseros Rufescens

Blotched with pink and green variegations, it forms low-growing rosettes that look charming with a mix of colors. Expose it to a lot of sunlight and watch it thrive in colors.

8. Ghost Plant

Pink Succulents in India 5

Botanical Name: Graptopetalum paraguayense

The fabulous rosettes of the ghost plant vary from gray to pink colors. The stems of this succulent have a trailing habit; hence it is perfect for hanging baskets.

9. Tippy Echeveria

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Tippy’

The tip of its blue-green foliage is marked with a rosy pink hue. It looks more beautiful when it grows orange flowers in summers, inviting birds, and butterflies.

10. Pink Frills

Pink Succulents in India 6

Botanical Name: Echeveria shaviana

The fleshy leaves of these succulents have ruffled edges, which gives them a smashing look in pink hues. The plant does exceptionally well in sunlight and asks for minimum care.

11. Pink Mother of Thousands

Botanical Name: Bryophyllum daigremontianum

The green stems of this succulent have a row of pearl-like pink plantlets across the edges. The stems are pointy and also bear bell-shaped, pink flowers during winter.

12. Neon Breaker Hen and chick

Pink Succulents in India 7

Botanical Name: Echeveria’ Neon Breakers’

The succulent produces rosettes in mauve violet color with neon pink and wavy margins. The color gets intensified further under the full sun exposure.

13. Douglas Huth

Botanical Name: Graptoveria’ Douglas Huth’

Its petal-like leaves change color according to sun exposure. In the full sunlight, its color turns light pink, and in a shady spot, it gets a gray-green color.

14. Perle Von NurnbergPink Succulents in India 8

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’

It is one of the most intriguing pink variety, with a mix of green and light pink tones.  If you are a fussy gardener, then this is the succulent you should grow.

15. Euphorbia Monadenium

Botanical Name: Euphorbia monadenium stapelioides F. variegata

The green stems have a unique architecture and are covered with the thorn-like pink specks. The succulent is often confused with cacti due to its appearance and exudes milky-white latex from the stem.

16. Pink Granite

Botanical Name: Sedeveria ‘Pink Granite’

Growing in a compact rosette form, the fleshy leaves are beautifully flushed with a light pink tone. Whereas, the center of the rosette is tinged with lime green color, which makes it stand out of the rest.

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