10 Awesome Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

Last Updated: 17.10.2023
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Wondering how you could add more appeal to your yard? Check out these Landscaping Ideas for Front of House and decorate it in simple steps!

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House

Having a front yard adds a lot of beauty to a home, and if you want to make it look the best, then we have some great Landscaping Ideas for Front of House!

Here are some eye-catching summer terrace garden ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

1. Stone Path

Be it straight, curved, or circular; a pavement adds a lot of character to the garden. You can use stones, tiles, or wooden planks for this purpose. A layer of concrete or asphalt is another popular and economical option.

2. Mini Water Feature

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 2

The addition of water features like a mini pool, water fountain, or artificial waterfall adds a wow appeal to the garden. It also adds a positive vibe to the place.

3. Sitting Arrangement


Relaxing wooden chairs in the middle of the garden not only make it look good, but it is also a great spot to spend a soothing time in the vicinity of nature after a hectic day.

4. Green Wall

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 3

You can grow herbs, succulents, and other small plants vertically. It takes a lot less space and looks absolutely awesome!

5. Add a Pergola or Arch

If you have a large garden, add a pergola or arch for climbing vines like bougainvillea, Rangoon creepers, or star jasmine for a brilliant cascading look.

6. Add a Swing

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 4

Installing a swing in the front of the house landscaping space is a great idea to utilize the space. It adds appeal and is great for kids!

7. Use Vintage Items

Vintage items like an old bicycle, earthen pots, tires, wheelbarrows, or wine bottles to grow flowers or plants add an extra dimension to the garden.

8. Lighting

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 5

Use a long string of bulbs or LED lights to make your garden light up beautifully in the nighttime. You can also use earthen lamps for a rustic look.

9. Add a Flowerbed

Use annual flowers in complementary color combinations to dazzle the garden borders. You can also train pothos or butterfly pea vines on the front porch area and pair them with Hydrangeas!

10. Privacy Screen

Landscaping Ideas for Front of House 6

Consider growing large bushes like Mehandi, alder, or bougainvillea at the fence or border of the garden. They will not only enhance the greenery but will also work as a privacy screen.

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