Jade Plant Leaves Falling Off? Here’s How to Save It

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Wondering why your Jade Plant Leaves Falling Off? Here are the major causes that might be behind the same and the tips to save your plant!

Jade Plant Leaves Falling Off?

Jade is one of the most sought-after houseplants, thanks to its glossy and fleshy leaves on the woody branches. Though maintaining the plant is easy, but if you are thinking – why the Jade Plant Leaves Falling Off then here are the reasons behind it.

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Is the Falling of Jade Plant Leaves Normal?

First of all, the jade plant sheds its older leaves from time to time, and that is completely normal, especially in the varieties like dwarf and Gollum jade. But, if you are witnessing a significant amount of leaves drop in the plant then the problem needs to be looked over. The reasons can be any of the mentioned below, but addressing and tackling the issue early help tremendously!

Reasons Behind the Falling off Jade Plant Leaves

1. Overwatering

Overwatering is the topmost reason for the leaf fall in jade. Always water deeply and let the excess water drain from drainage holes. Never keep the soil overly wet and make sure you water the plant again only when the topsoil feels dry to touch.

2. Underwatering

Like overwatering, underwatering can also make the plant lose its leaves. Always water deeply, when topsoil looks dry to touch. The plant will require more water during the summer days but do ensure to reduce this rate during winters.

Underwatering the plant can cause the leaves to turn yellow, wilt, and pale, and causing them to fall off eventually.

3. Insufficient Sunlight

Jade Plant Leaves Falling Off? 2

Insufficient sunlight exposure causes the plant to shed its leaves. So, move your plant to any bright location, where it can receive 2-3 hours of morning sunlight daily. But, prevent the plant from the afternoon rays, especially in summers, as the excess heat can cause yellowing of the leaves and may burn foliage.

4. Inappropriate Temperature

Jade plant does best in the temperature range of 18-25°C but can tolerate up to 12°C during the nighttime. Avoid moving the plant from shade to sun as the sudden fluctuation in the temperature can also make it drop its leaves.

5. Pest Attack


The Jade plant is susceptible to mealy bugs and scale infestations. These pesky insects not only deform the leaves but also release a sticky substance on them that invites mold growth.

To combat this problem, just dip a cotton ball in an alcohol or a neem oil solution and rub it against the infected parts. You can also handpick them or knock them off using a strong jet of water.

6. Soil or Potting Mix

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The plant appreciates fast draining and well-aerated soil. Heavy or poorly draining soil can cause a soggy condition that eventually gives rise to root rotting and leaf loss.

Go for the potting mix specially designed for the succulents and cacti that have a balanced mix of peat moss, organic matter, and coarse sand.

Will Jade Plant Leaves Grow Back?

If you are going to address all the above-mentioned issues timely, the leaves will grow back and the plant will be green and thriving in no time! Make sure to take the right care of the plant and it will continue to stay healthy for a long time to come!

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