13 Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas

Last Updated: 17.10.2023
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Love Succulents? These creative Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas will help you to use them in your home decor for a mini green arrangement.

Easy to maintain and beautiful to look at, succulents offer the best of both worlds. They thrive well in low light areas, making them the perfect candidate to grow in rooms. Here are some gorgeous Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas you must try!

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Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas

1. Succulent Garden in a Bowl

Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas

Use different succulent varieties and grow them together in a bowl filled with a cactus potting mix.

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2. Indoor Succulent Garden

Grow Crassula muscosa, Echeveria, and Senecio rowleyanus in a terracotta pot for that beautiful mini garden look. Details are here.

3. Succulent Garden in a Plastic Bowl

Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas 2

This DIY uses a plastic bowl, pea gravel, potting mix, and different succulents. Add pebbles, dried moss, small pieces of driftwood, and colored sand, to complete the look!

4. Succulent Garden with Decorative Pebbles

This minimilastic succulent garden is a great choice for indoors and outdoors both. Watch this video for details.

5. Mini-Candle Holder Succulent Planter

Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas 3

Turn mini-candle holder into a planter of tiny succulents! Here are all the details.

6. Succulent Garden in a Designer Bowl

Tiny little succulents will look a lot more good in a printed bowl, with crystals and pebbles.

7. Succulent Chair Planter

Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas 4

Do you have an old wrought iron chair that you no longer use? Turn it into a mini succulent garden!

8. Succulent Pumpkin

Use grapevine pumpkin, glue gun, charcoal fiberglass screen, succulents, and potting soil for preparing this one.

9. Indoor Succulent Rock Garden

Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas 5

Fill a pot with potting mix, place some rocks, and arrange succulents around. Details are here.

10. Metallic Geometric Planters

These metallic geometric planters are made using scrap cardboard and copper contact paper. You can make many planters of numerous shapes to create a mini succulent garden indoors.

11. DIY Succulent Fairy Garden

Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas 6

All you need is an unfinished wooden dish or shadow box, cactus potting mix, succulents, and fairy garden decorations for this DIY.

12. Kokedama Succulent Garden

The kokedama hanging planters are the best way to grow hanging succulents. They look cute and perfect for small rooms.

13. Hanging Succulents

Indoor Succulent Garden Ideas 7

The macrame planters take no space and look elegant in rooms. They’re also great to grow small and hanging succulents.

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