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Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Sakshi Kasat, an indoor gardener and content creator from Indore, India, transitioned from teaching to follow her gardening passion during the pandemic. She's an expert in indoor gardening, with over 150 articles published. Her favorite plant, the Peace Lily, reflects her mission to inspire others. In gardening and writing, she finds pure inspiration and contentment.

If you are a Bombay local and a houseplant aficionado, then this article with the best Indoor Plants Mumbai will surely come in handy!

Apart from keeping your indoor air clean, plants bring the essence of nature to your home. Being a coastal region, Mumbai has a tropical wet climate and known for its high humidity environment with an average 28 °C temperature. Not every plant can survive such conditions and we bring you a list of some great Indoor Plants Mumbai that you must grow!

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1. Weeping Fig

Indoor Plants Mumbai

Botanical Name: Ficus benjamina

Native to Asia, weeping fig is admired for its glossy green leaves that look stunning on the dangling branches. It appreciates bright and indirect sunlight. Due to its unique architectural shape and adaptable nature, it is one of the great houseplants to grow indoors in the asymmetric climate of Mumbai.

2. Areca Palm

Botanical Name: Dypsis lutescens

This palm is a great way to add a tropical touch to your home thanks to its arching fronds. The key to keep this plant happy is by keeping it in full sun to partial shade with plenty of watering. So placing it near the southeast or west-facing window yields better results.

3. Boston Fern

Indoor Plants Mumbai 2

Botanical Name: Nephrolepis exaltata

One of the top picks of all gardeners, Boston fern looks stunning when placed on hanging pots or baskets. It can spread up to 2-3 feet and grows up to 3-feet tall. Its lush green appearance can be easily maintained with consistent soil moisture and partial sunlight.

4. Snake Plant

Botanical Name: Dracaena trifasciata

The sword-like, upright foliage of a snake plant features cream-yellow borders. Apart from giving your home a touch of greenery, it helps in purifying the surrounding air as well. You can place this focal plant at any corner of your home, as it can survive in low lights as well.

5. Agave


Botanical Name: Agave americana

Elegantly set in the rosette form, the gray-green colored leaves of the agave are fleshy and engorged. The edges of its leaves are covered with tooth-like spines giving it a cacti-like appearance. Agave is a slow-growing plant and produces many pups around its base that can be used for further propagation.

6. Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum wallisii

The leaves of peace lily are glossy, green, and broad that makes a great complement with flower’s color. It prefers bright, filtered sunlight and eliminates Benzene and Trichloroethylene from the air, making the surrounding toxin-free.

7. Anthurium

Indoor Plants Mumbai 4

Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum

A little attention and some maintenance of this houseplant will reward you with colorful flowers that are produced on the heart-shaped, green leaves. It also cleanses the indoor air by cleaning toxic ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. High humidity and filtered sunlight are the crucial factors that promote its luscious growth.

8. Money Plant

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

The money plant is said to bring good luck to its owner. It is the most common houseplant that can be trained as a climber or trailer. The leaves of this perennial are green and heart-shaped. Compared to other houseplants, this plant has more chances of better survival and lives for many years, when provided with good nurturing.

9. Aloe Vera

Indoor Plants Mumbai 5

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

The color of its leaves is green to gray-green, depending upon the variety and has jagged margins. Some varieties may also include white patches on the surface of leaves. Highly praised for its medicinal properties, it is a great plant for Mumbai as it eliminates formaldehyde from the air too!

10. Red Aglaonema

Botanical Name: Aglaonema ‘Golden Fluorite’

If you want to give your interior a colorful accent of nature, this plant will do the trick. Its green leaves are elegantly flushed with pink to red splashes, giving it a stunning visual. Its pronounced color gets amplified under the bright but indirect sunlight, so place near a west or east-facing window.

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