12 Beautiful Indoor Plants for Return Gift

Last Updated: 01.01.2024
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Sakshi Kasat, an indoor gardener and content creator from Indore, India, transitioned from teaching to follow her gardening passion during the pandemic. She's an expert in indoor gardening, with over 150 articles published. Her favorite plant, the Peace Lily, reflects her mission to inspire others. In gardening and writing, she finds pure inspiration and contentment.

How about offering someone a plant as a gift? Here are some great Indoor Plants for Return Gift that you can offer to your guests as a green gesture!

Plants not only connects us to nature but also add an aesthetic appeal to the houses. Rather than handing out the usual gift items to your guests, you can give them plants that are also going to help you giving back something to Mother Earth. These Beautiful Indoor Plants for Return Gift are best suited for an occasional return or thanksgiving gift, both!

Indoor Plants for Return Gifts

1. Ficus Bonsai

Indoor Plants for Return Gifts

Botanical name: Ficus retusa

Ficus bonsai always tops the list, when talking about the best gifting plants. It’s woody and ‘s’-curved trunk, accompanied by distinct foliar pattern, gives it a visual of a miniature tree. Bonsai is a Japanese term that is associated with growing ornamental, and dwarf trees in the container. It is the best plant to gift on any occasion or fest.

2. Peace Lily

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum

The fascinating appearance and low maintenance nature of peace lily make it a good option for gifting. This white- creamy flower grows in a spadix that is surrounded by the petal-like spathe. What makes them more alluring is its indoor air purifying property that sets it apart from all.

3. Lucky Bamboo

Indoor Plants for Return Gifts 2

Botanical name: Dracaena sanderiana

Twisted, curled, or straightly arranged stems of the lucky bamboo look fascinating while resting on the water pot filled with pebbles. As the name suggests, the lucky bamboo brings good fortune to its owner and can adjust in all light levels.

4. Jade Plant

Botanical name: Crassula ovata

The long-living jade plant is admired for its thick stems that are covered with fleshy, oval leaves. You can gift this plant even to a black thumb, as it requires very low care and watering. The plant takes the appearance of a miniature tree, as it matures. The pink-white flowers also emerge from winter to spring.

5. Christmas Cactus

Indoor Plants for Return Gifts 3

Botanical name: Schlumbergera

The drooping branches of Christmas cactus are covered with prickly thrones. The green leaf-like flattened segments on braches are actually modified stems, whereas the spines are modified leaves. The eye-catchy flowers in the shades of red, yellow, pink, white, and even lilac can be relished during Christmas time.

6. Orchid

Botanical name: Orchidaceae

The profound overlapping of three petals and three sepals of the orchid flower makes it exceptionally stunning. The orchid comes in a wide array of colors ranging from white, blue, pink, yellow, red, and orange. The leaves are dark green and glossy, whereas the flowers have a complementing yellow-green eye.

7. Money Plant

Indoor Plants for Return Gifts 4

Botanical name: Narcissus papyraceus

Gifting money plant is like blessing your loved ones with good fortune. The heart shape leaves of the money plant are dark green with yellow cream splashes. The plant not only brings good luck to its owner but also cleans the surrounding air. It can thrive in water or soil both, even in the low light areas.

8. Norfolk Island Pine

Botanical name: Araucaria heterophylla

This pyramidal shaped Norfolk island adds an aesthetic dimension to interiors. Its branches are densely covered with pinelike narrow evergreen leaves. The trunk has upright growth with spreading branches that ends up giving it a pyramid shape.

9. Bird’s Nest Fern

Indoor Plants for Return Gifts 5

Botanical name: Asplenium nidus

The and evergreen fronds of bird’s nest fern drape in a fashion that resembles the nest of the bird. The large fronds are light green in color and have wavy edging. This plant can be a great return gift that can work as both an indoor or a landscape accent.

10. Croton

Botanical name: Codiaeum variegatum

Croton is going to be a great choice if considering any vibrant plant to gift. Flushed with a multitude of colors, this plant adds a vivid touch to interiors. The lance to linear-shaped leaves showcases the combinations of green, yellow, white, orange, pink, red, crimson colors that are due to the presence of anthocyanin compound.

11. Cactus

Indoor Plants for Return Gifts 6

Botanical name: Cactaceae

Cacti make a great choice for return gifts, thanks to their highly resilient and low maintenance nature. Even more, its diverse varieties offer a vast range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some small cactus plant gifts you can try are moon cactus, cereus, bunny ear cactus, and golden barrel cactus.

12. Succulents

Botanical name: Succulents

The rising popularity of succulents is the result of their very low maintenance and hardy nature. Succulents are famous for their fleshy leaves and stem that they use to retain water for a prolonged period. Coming in vast variations, some popular ones are Burro’s tail, the crown of thorns, stonecrop, zebra and snake plant.

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