20 Beautiful Indian Balcony Garden ideas!

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Sakshi Kasat, an indoor gardener and content creator from Indore, India, transitioned from teaching to follow her gardening passion during the pandemic. She's an expert in indoor gardening, with over 150 articles published. Her favorite plant, the Peace Lily, reflects her mission to inspire others. In gardening and writing, she finds pure inspiration and contentment.

You can turn the little space in your balcony into a peaceful green corner with these Beautiful Indian Balcony Garden ideas!

Balconies are places where we sit and unwind after a hectic day at work. To make them more relaxing, here are some of the best Indian Balcony Garden ideas using which you can transform their look completely and make your own little garden in a limited urban space!

1. Beautiful Pots in the Balcony

Surround your balcony with faux grass and colorful flowering plants in painted planters. You can customize the look further by placing a mat and a pillow to relax under the vicinity of nature.

Credit: Amrita rubai

2. Blissful Balcony Space

A garden in the balcony brings the essence of nature inside the home. This small balcony, with a sitting arrangement and a vertical green shelf, is a perfect place to spend some leisure time with your loved ones.

Credit: Interiormaata

3. Artistic Balcony Decor

Looking forward to giving your urban balcony a traditional twist? You can use artwork paintings or mirrors as a wall display to cover your balcony with an artistic impression.

Credit: Sasmitadas01

4. Green Corner

Frog and duck-shaped containers along with birdbath are adding a bit of drama to this green corner.

Credit: balconygardening_india

5. Balcony Decor with Shades of Petunia

Take inspiration from this post to cover your balcony with the multiple shades of petunia.

Credit: BalconyGardening_india

6. Vertical Gardening in Balcony

Apart from serving as a focal point, vertical gardening is an ideal way to utilize any corner of your home to bring the beauty of nature inside.

Credit: Treemendous.in

7. Beautiful Flowers and Faux Grass

Revamp the look of your boring urban balcony with vibrant blossoms, green plants, and faux grass. You can customize it further by adding chairs or Jimoee swing to enjoy the peaceful and natural vibes.

Credit: Ecofynd

8. Floating Florals in Earthenware

The addition of large-sized earthenware pots is going to bring a folk touch of nature to your balcony decor.

Credit: Houseof9design

9. Colorful Railing Planters

This balcony refurbishment idea emphasizes on colorful railing planters or buckets to grow some fabulous flowering plants on the balcony railing.

Credit: Ecofynd

10. Vertical Shelves and Hanging Planters

Don’t let the limited space of your balcony refrain you from exhibiting your gardening skills! Utilize the vertical shelves and wall of your balcony to place multiple potted plants, creating a mini jungle!

Credit: Ecofynd

11. Renovating Netted Balcony

If you have enclosed your balcony with a net then you can add a dash of greenery to it by placing different colored pots and plants!

Credit: Nivedita 1800

12. Hanging Planters

The inclusion of a wall-mounted bell along with the planters is going to give your balcony a refreshing change of look!

Credit: Nivedita 1800

13. Balcony with Railing Planter Box

What a wonderful idea to drape the outer wall of the balcony with colorful flowers using a window or railing planter box.

Credit: Msdeedee belle

14. Hanging Planters and Mirror

The hanging planters containing baby tears and money plants can add a dramatic impact on any balcony. You can spice it up further by placing a mirror for giving an illusion of space.

Credit: Suppus home

15. Hanging Planters and Earthenpots Decor

A cluster of hanging earthen pots and planters can give your balcony a very different yet exciting look!

Credit: Nimmy venugopal

16. Balcony Gardening with Terracotta Pots

To maintain the integrity of your peaceful balcony, give it a makeover with some colored Terracotta pots with different shapes and sizes.

Credit: Mybalconylikesindia

17. Balcony Makeover

Transform your monotonous balcony into a blissful green corner using a window box, vertical shelf, and faux grass!

Credit: Ashimadiaries

18. Vertical Gardening Shelves

This vertical gardening shelve is going to serve as a privacy screen, keeping your nosy neighbors away! The rustic looking sitting arrangement also serves as a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee!

Credit: Davidindelhi

19. Netted Balcony Decor

If you have a netted balcony, you can cover it with the lush of greenery using potted plants, decorative figures, a buddha’s painting and texts on the wall for giving your balcony a pleasant look.

Credit: Thegreenishaffair

20. Cozy Green Balcony Space

If you want your own cozy space under the vicinity of nature. Just set up a macrame swing chair, add 1-2 stools along with different planters and you are good to go!

Credit: Sapnadavey

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