How to Use Manure Tea for Succulents in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Want to increase the growth of your succulents? Here are all the details on How to Use Manure Tea for Succulents to help them thrive!

Manure Tea for Succulents

Manure tea is a term given to the liquid manure made from animal waste. It is a great source of nitrogen and works as a dilute fertilizer for container and garden plants. Its nutrients easily dissolve in the soil and enrich its quality. If you are wondering How to Use Manure Tea for Succulents to help them thrive, here are all the details!

Is Manure Tea Good for Succulents

Using manure tea for the succulents is totally safe and healthy. Though majorly used in the vegetable garden, it helps succulents to achieve better growth. It works just like any dilute fertilizer, but it is an organic feed, much feasible to use, and less susceptible to cause root burn.

How to Prepare Manure Tea for Succulents

You can use the manure of cow, poultry, horse or goat to make the tea. Here is how to do it. 

Mix Everything

Take a 5-liter bucket and fill it half with cow or goat manure. Top it up with water and let it steep for 3-4 days. Make sure that you are mixing it with a wooden stick every day. Strain the liquid in another bucket on the 5th day and your manure tea is ready to use!

Make a Bag

If you don’t want to mix in everything then you can add the cow or goat manure in a cotton bag and hang it at the side of the bucket. Fill the bucket with water and let it steep for 4-5 days. Dap the bag in the water using a stick every day and your manure tea will be good to go on the 6th day.

Note: Do make sure that you are diluting the manure tea to half of its strength before using it.

Points to Consider When Using Manure Tea

Manure Tea for Succulents 2

  1. Use it once every 4-5 weeks during the growing period to nourish your succulents.
  2. Make sure not to feed the succulents during the dormant period.

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