How to Plant Flower in Pots without Drainage Holes

Last Updated: 11.03.2024
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How to Plant Flower in Pots without Drainage Holes

Nowadays, the trend of growing flowers in glazed, sealed, and designer containers is at an all-time high. But the problem is, most of these pots come without any drainage holes. So, what could be the best possible trick to use them? Have a look at the best ideas on How to Plant Flower in Pots without Drainage Holes!

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Importance of Drainage Holes in Pots

Drainage holes allow excess water in the pot to drain out. This way, these holes prevent the soil from becoming soggy, which is the main cause of root rot and other fungal diseases in plants. Also, drainage holes allow for better airflow and help to expel excess salt formation that occurs due to the application of fertilizer.

How to Plant Flower in Pots without Drainage Holes

1. Drilling the Holes

This is the easiest way to use any pot of your choice that doesn’t have holes at the bottom! You just need a drill machine. Avoid using a nail and hammer as it might break the pot. 


  1. Soak the pot in water for an hour prior to drilling so as to make it a bit softer.
  2. Now, put the tape over the area you want to drill. It will prevent chipping while drilling.
  3. Take a drill machine and make holes without exerting too much pressure.

2. Laying a Layer of Gravel or Rocks

How to Plant Flower in Pots without Drainage Holes 2

This is a very common practice where a wide layer of rocks or gravel is placed at the bottom of the container. You can also go for other draining media like sand, coconut fiber, or activated charcoal. They help to absorb excess water but may not be as effective as a drainage hole.


  1. At the bottom of the pot, add a uniform layer of pebbles and rocks.
  2. Now, on top of this, lay a thin layer of activated charcoal or pumice.
  3. Fill the container with potting soil and plant your favorite flower!

3. Add Pot Inside a Pot!


This is an idea where a container with drainage holes is placed inside the decorative pot without drainage holes.


  1. Place wooden plank, or pebbles, gravel at the bottom of the large container (with no holes).
  2. Now, carefully put the nursery planter, with ample drainage holes, inside the large container.
  3. Whenever you water it, the extra water will seep through the material placed in the bottom of the large container!

Precautions While Planting in Pots without Drainage Holes

  1. Avoid overwatering the potted plants with no drainage holes – always make sure the topsoil is dry to touch before watering.
  2. Use well aerated and well-draining potting mix (soilless mix preferably) for planting.

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