How to Make a Summer Garden in India + Summer Gardening Tips

Last Updated: 01.01.2024
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If you are confused about How to Make a Summer Garden in India, then don’t worry! We have all the details and more for you!

The summer months are approaching fast, and this is the right time to prepare your garden to save it from the harsh sun. If you don’t know how then we have everything you need to know about How to Make a Summer Garden in India.

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How to Make a Summer Garden in India

1. Pick the Right Plants

How to Make a Summer Garden in India

It is always good to have flowering plants in the garden. Hibiscus, bougainvillea, Kaner, rose, and sunflower are the most summer hardy plants in India that you can grow to keep the garden alive with colors!

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2. Sitting Arrangement

Look for any shady space in your yard and decorate it with wooden summer garden furniture. Add flowering plants to the space to have your own little exotic area!

3. Add a Bird Bath

How to Make a Summer Garden in India 2

Adding a birdbath or a mini pool to the garden brings a tropical vibe to the place and also invites birds. You can either construct it or buy a ready-made one from the market.

4. Hang Baskets


If you have a tree in your yard, then you can hang flowering baskets to the branches for a fantastic look. Also, add strings of lights and bulbs to make it look more outstanding.

Summer Gardening Tips

1. Protect Plants

How to Make a Summer Garden in India 4

Protect the sensitive container or garden plants during summers by using cloth for shade. This will protect them from the harsh afternoon sun and also give them filtered light for growth.

2. Upgrade the Soil Quality

During early summers, amend the garden soil to enhance the water retaining capability as well as aeration. Use organic matter or compost as it improves water retention and is also beneficial for microbes and worms in the soil.

Pro Tip: Composting is especially beneficial for flowering or fruit-bearing summer garden plants.

3. Follow the Right Watering Rule

How to Make a Summer Garden in India 5

The best time to water the plants is evening or morning when the soil is cooler. Watering during noontime does more harm due to the water transpiration.

For container plants, water frequently as it evaporates quickly in summers. Also, keep a tray beneath the pots.

4. Add Mulch

Adding 2-3 inches of organic mulch is beneficial for garden plants during summers. You can either use compost, hay, or grass clippings. Mulching keeps the soil cooler during the hotter days and also suppresses weed growth.

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