How to Make a Hydroponic Vase to Hold Succulents

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here’s everything you need to know on How to Make a Hydroponic Vase to Hold Succulents. This way, you can grow them in a small space!

How to Make a Hydroponic Vase to Hold Succulents

If you are looking forward to growing succulents without soil, then there is a great way to do it. Have a look at How to Make a Hydroponic Vase to Hold Succulents and grow them in water with style!

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What is Hydroponic System

In a hydroponic culture, plants are grown in a soilless medium known as substrate and get nutrition from a liquid-based solution. You can grow herbs, vegetables, and even succulents without any trouble. Since the roots get nutrition directly, this aids in faster growth, better yield, and better quality.

Hydroponic System for Succulents

There are two types of hydroponic systems – Active Hydroponic System, in which the pumps are used to circulate or deliver the nutrient solution. The second is a Passive or Semi-Hydroponic System,  where there is no pump circulate the solution. Instead, it is done manually. Succulents respond well to a semi-hydroponic system and you can easily DIY a hydroponic vase with minimal supplies.

Is it Safe to Grow Succulents Hydroponically?

Yes! It is completely safe. Mostly, succulent root rot occurs due to the fungal or pathogen that thrives in the wet soil, not the water. Succulents can grow even in pure water or a hydroponic medium as long as you keep the liquid medium clean and change it periodically.

Succulents that Respond well to Hydroponic System

  • Sempervivum tectorum
  • Graptopetalum paraguayense
  • Echeveria cacrophylla
  • Hen and chicks
  • Echeveria runyonii

What to Use for Hydroponic Medium

How to Make a Hydroponic Vase to Hold Succulents 2


For making a hydroponic medium for succulents, you can use perlite and river rocks as a substrate that lets the water solution seep. Though for best practice, use Lightweight Expandable Clay Aggregate (LECA) that is specially made for hydroponic medium.

Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

This solution is best for vegetables and contains nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and magnesium with some minerals like iron, zinc, and copper. However, you can use it for succulents after diluting it to half of its strength.

How to Make a Hydroponic Vase to Hold Succulents

1. Cutting

Snip off a cutting from a healthy succulent using the sanitized scissor. Let the cutting dry for 2-3 days in a shade, so that it forms a callus. Put the cutting in a vase in a way that just the cut end is submerged in water. Keep it in bright and indirect sunlight, and change the water daily. It will take 2-3 weeks to develop roots.

2. Preparing the Nutrient Solution

The hydroponic liquid feed has a strong nutrient composition. Always dilute it to half of its strength for succulents.

3. Vases or Jars of Your Choice

You can use small glass jars, vases, mason jars, or old plastic boxes. Pick them according to the size of the cutting. Avoid using jars or vases that are too big or small in size. Make sure they are transparent so you can keep a close eye on the development of roots.

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