How to Grow Satsumas from Seeds Indoors | Growing Mandarin Oranges

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Having a citrus tree indoors brings beautiful looks with the addition of juicy fruits! Here’s How to Grow Satsumas from Seeds Indoors in India.

How to Grow Satsumas from Seeds Indoors

Satsumas or mandarin oranges are famous for their delicious taste and also add an aesthetic appeal indoors with their deep green foliage with matching, bright orange fruits. Let’s have a look at How to Grow Satsumas from Seeds Indoors in India.

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How to Grow Satsumas from Seeds Indoors

1. Purchase some quality satsuma oranges for seeds. Remember, the plant has more chances to sprout when using fresh seeds so avoid buying packed ones from a nursery.  

2. Collect the brownish seeds from the fruit and wrap them in a damp paper towel.

3. Now, prepare a pot by filling it with a quality potting mix. DIY by blending equal parts of sand, organic compost, and potting soil.

4. Water the soil thoroughly. Now, dig a small hole a few inches deep, and sow the seeds inside. Cover the hole with soil and secure the seeds.

5. Cover the pot with any plastic wrap. Keep it at a bright and sunny spot – a southeast window will be great.

6. Check the moisture consistency of the soil regularly by touching the topsoil. If it feels dry, water it uniformly, without disturbing the seeds.

7. The seeds will take 30-50 days to germinate. Discard the plastic cover once they start growing.

As it is a fruit tree, make sure that you are providing the plant with adequate sunlight – 4-6 hours daily. You can also take the pot outside for sunlight if there’s not enough light indoors.

Satsumas Tree Care

How to Grow Satsumas from Seeds Indoors 2

  • The tree should be watered regularly during its growing season. However, avoid overwatering the plant.
  • Once grown, you can feed the plant with all-purpose fertilizer during the springs. For dosage, refer to the instruction label.
  • The tree rarely requires pruning, but you can snip away the dead, broken, or criss-cross branches during the winter season.
  • The plant loves full sunlight and growing it in shade may lead to very poor productivity.

Note: The tree grown from seeds can take up to 6-7 years to produce fruits, whereas the grafted trees start producing fruits within 2-3 years.

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