How to Grow Peepal Tree Bonsai

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Did you know that peepal trees can also be kept in a stubby form? Here are all the details on How to Grow Peepal Tree Bonsai to keep them in rooms!

How to Grow Peepal Tree Bonsai

Peepal is quite a popular tree in India and also has many medicinal uses and health benefits. If you want to keep it indoors, then you can do it easily by training it in a bonsai form. Here’s all you need to know about How to Grow Peepal Tree Bonsai.

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Propagating a Peepal Tree Bonsai

Peepal tree bonsai can be propagated in three ways – seeds, and stem cuttings

  • Seed Propagation

It is easy to grow Peepal tree bonsai through seeds. All you have to do is sow them in a pot and keep it in a location with bright indirect light. Once the seeds germinate, you can transfer the pot to a brighter location.

  • Stem Cuttings

Take 6-8 inches cutting from a healthy plant and remove the bottom leaves.  Put the stem in rooting hormone and plant it into the soil. Keep it moist and make sure the plant receives plentiful light.

How to Make a Peepal Tree Bonsai?

Do keep in mind that bonsai is not a variety or type of a peepal tree. It is how you train a regular Peepal into becoming a bonsai. Also, as an additional step, you can bend its flexible branches whichever way you like by using wires to give them interesting shapes. Be cautious of not cutting the stems off in this process.

For more details, check out a detailed video here

Growing Requirements of Peepal Tree Bonsai


Being a tropical plant, Peepal loves sun and warmth so eep it in an area where it can receive plenty of direct/filtered sunlight, like a balcony, windowsill, or a porch. However, overexposure to the direct afternoon sun can affect its health and kill it.


A rich and well-drained soil is perfect for this bonsai. Ensure that it is not tightly packed in the pot, as this may prevent the roots from growing.


The soil has to be maintained moist at all times. So, if you feel the topsoil getting dry, water it thoroughly till it drains out of the drainage holes.

Temperature & Humidity

As mentioned earlier, Ficus Religiosa loves warmth and moisture as it is a tropical plant. It can tolerate temperature above 16℃. However, it cannot tolerate freezing temperatures or draughts, so prefer to keep it indoors during harsh winters, especially if you live in the extreme northern parts of India.

Taking Care of Peepal Tree Bonsai

How to Grow Peepal Tree Bonsai 2


Fertilize the plant with organic feed once every 2-4 weeks during the growing period. Do refer to the label for dosage and instructions. Avoid fertilizing the plant in winters. Once the tree establishes, you don’t have to fertilize it much.

Pests and Diseases

Thankfully, in the Indian growing conditions, the plant is not susceptible to pests. Avoid wetting the foliage unnecessarily to avoid any possible chances of diseases.


Prune the plant as required to give it a good shape. Snip off a few leaves every time the foliage starts to grow extensively – this will keep the bonsai in control.

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