How to Grow Lal Chandan | Growing Red Sandalwood

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Lal Chandan has to be the most precious woods that you can lay your hands on! Let’s have a look at how to grow Red Sandalwood easily!

Lal Chandan

Lal Chandan holds a tremendous significance and is one of the essential woods in India. Here’s a detailed information about how to grow his fascinating tree in your garden!

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Lal Chandan Information

Lal Chandan or Red Sandalwood is a large, slow-growing shrub or small tree reaching that can grow upto 20-40 feet in optimum climate and growing conditions. The foliage of Lal Chandan is leathery and dark green. These trees usually bear fresh flowers from March to September and give fruits from June to February. In India, they are common in parts of Mysore, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

A study states that lal chandan is listed as an endangered plant species on the IUCN red data list as a result of theexploitation of its wood and essential oil.

Botanical Name: Santalum album

How to Grow Lal Chandan?

You can grow Lal chandan from seeds but it can be a time consuming process. However, getting the tree from a nursery will depend a lot on your luck because of its availability.

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Requirements to Grow Lal Chandan


The tree loves direct sunlight and grows best in it. So, if you are planing to grow red sandalwood, make sure to pick a spot that gets a minimum of 5-6 hours of bright light every day. The tree will also grow in shade but it may not achieve a proper thick trunk and good height.


The red sandalwood tree grows best in a well draining soil. However, it will do just fine in a regular garden growing medium too. Amend the soil with plenty of organic matter and vermicompost at the planting time to boost the height and circumference of the trunk.


Keep the soil slightly moist by watering it when the top layer feels a little dry to the touch. Dos this till the plant reaches a height of 2-3 feet. After that, it will pretty much take care of its watering. Avoid watering it daily as it will lead to root rot.

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Lal Chandan Care

Lal Chandan 2
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You can feed the plant using a balanced liquid fertilizer, once in 5-6 weeks, till it reaches a height of 2-3 feet. After that, just mix a handful of cow dung manure in the growing medium. once in 3-4 months.

Pests and Diseases

Red Sandalwood doesn’t seem susceptible to any pests or diseases that will affect its growth. Apparently, parrots can damage the bark in the wild, but that’s not likely a problem in an urban location.

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