How to Grow Green Chilli Plant at Home in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Indian food is incomplete without a stingy spice of green chillies! Learn about How to Grow Green Chilli Plant at Home in India and enjoy them fresh!

Green Chillis (Capsicum annuum)

How to Grow Green Chili Plant at Home in India


  • Common Indian names; Hari Mirch, Hari Mirchi, Miḷakāy, Meṇasinakāyi, paccamuḷak, Kancha Lanka, Marcha, Jeevisang, Mirchan.

Green chillies are used to add spice in Indian food. They are eaten in both raw and cooked forms. Sundried chillies turn red and are used to make red chilli powder, which is an essential ingredient of all Indian Dishes. Let’s see How to Grow Green Chilli Plant at Home in India?

Green Chilli Cultivation in India

Green chilli plant

India is one of the leading producers of chillis in the world. It produces enough for its domestic use and exports as well. Green chillies are readily available in India throughout the year; in fact, it is one of the important crops here. Andra Pradesh produces 50% of the total chilli production in India. Other states like Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal also cultivate green chillies.

Requirements for Growing Green Chillies

  • Temperature: Green chillies develop well in warm and temperate climates. The ideal temperature for growing green chillis is 20-25°C.
  • Soil: Although chillies can grow well in a variety of soils with neutral pH, black soil is suitable for rainfed conditions. On the other hand, soils like sandy loam, which are well-draining and rich in organic matter, work better with proper irrigation facilities.
  • Sunlight: These plants require full sunlight to prosper well, so, choose a sunny spot, but remember to keep the plants under shade.
  • Irrigation: The chillies do not require a lot of water, so water only when the topsoil dries. Moreover, make sure to maintain a porous soil, as the plants cannot withstand moisture for a long time and may rot.
  • Fertilisers: Fertilize your plants with cow dung manure (Gobar ki Khaad) at regular intervals, as the soil needs to be rich in organic matter for plants to grow well.
  • Varieties: (G-3), Bhagya Lakshmi, Andhra Jyothi, Sindhur, Kiran, Aparna, Bhaskar, Prakash, Jwala are some common varieties of chilli found in India.

How to Grow Green Chilli Plant at Home in India

Chilli plant growth stages

All you need to do is buy some good quality seeds of your choice and plant them in your garden. You can also get a chilly plant from a nursery and grow it. Although growing chillies is an easy and fast process, make sure that you are providing proper irrigation, as both over or underwatering can harm your plant’s growth.

How to Grow Green Chillies in Containers?

How to Grow Green Chilies in Containers?

Growing chilli in containers is even easier than growing them in the garden. Besides, you can enjoy the fresh and organic chillies from containers anytime! To plant the chillies in containers, firstly, you have to choose a container that is big enough for the plant. A container of size 12-15 inches, with proper drainage holes, is ideal.

You can use the seeds from chillies at your kitchen or get a plant from a nursery. Prepare a mixture of part soil and part cow dung manure (Gobar ki Khaad) and plant the seeds into the pot; avoid putting them deep into the soil. Lastly, place your pot in a sunny place and water as and when required. Make sure to provide Gobar ki Khaad from time to time.

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