6 Quick Mirchi Plant Growing Tips | Growing Green Chillies in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Growing Green Chillies in Pots is easy as long as you know the right tricks. Here are the top Mirchi Plant Growing Tips you can follow to grow them in your garden!

Mirchi Plant Growing Tips

Follow these easy Mirchi Plant Growing Tips to grow green chilies at home and have a fresh and spicy harvest all year round!

Here’s all you need to know about growing green chilies in India

Mirchi Plant Growing Tips

1. Choose the Right Seeds

Always purchase the seeds from a genuine seed supplier or local vendors. If you want faster results, consider growing milder flavored chilies. If you want to cut down growing time, you can get a well grown plant from a nursery, too.

2. The Right Pot

It is a good idea to grow chilies in pots as it will allow you to take care of them properly. Use a 12-14 inches pot for best results. Do make sure that the container has a drainage hole at the bottom.

3. Pick the Right Soil

Mirchi plant loves to thrive in well-draining, fertile, and consistently moist but not damp soil. DIY the growing medium by blending equal parts of vermiculture, perlite, compost, sphagnum peat moss, and sand. You can also improve the drainage of the soil by adding some perlite or grit.

4. The Right Climate and Sunlight

Mirchi does best in plenty of light, hence place the pot where it can receive 3-5  hours of full sun. Chilli plant grows best in warm and humid climatic conditions. The ideal temperature is between 22-32°C.

5. Take Care of Watering

Check topsoil with finger and water the plant when it feels dry to the touch. Do not overwater the plant and never let the soil go dry completely, too.

6. Feed the Plant

Use a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing period, once in 3-5 weeks. Refer to the label for instruction and dosage. You can also use cow dung manure, tea compost, and fruit peels.

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