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Last Updated: 07.03.2024

Song of India Plant is one of the most popular green specimens among gardeners. Learn all about How to Grow Dracaena reflexa in India easily!

How to Grow Dracaena Reflexa

The striped and showy leaves of Draceana reflexa make it a top-notch plant among plant lovers. Check out this article on How to Grow Dracaena Reflexa to understand its growing culture.

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What is Dracaena reflexa?

Dracaena reflexa is an ornamental houseplant known for its glossy foliage striped in yellow and green. The woody stems feature a cluster of arching leaves. Also, the plant blooms clusters of tiny white flowers occasionally. This houseplant is highly adaptable, making it the right pick for busy gardeners.

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How to Propogate Dracaena reflexa

From Cuttings

Snip off 3-5 inches long stem tip cuttings from the plant during the spring. Make sure that the cutting has a few leaf nodes. Dip it into a rooting hormone. Fill a container with a houseplant potting mix, and plant the cutting into the growing media.

Mist the soil thoroughly, and place it at any shady location until it develops new shoots. Once it does, acclimate the plant to the bright sunlight.

Growing Requirements of Dracaena reflexa

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Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves; therefore, bright, indirect sunlight can do well here. Alternatively, you can locate the plant in a place that receives direct morning sunlight with afternoon shade.


It is an excellent practice to keep the soil of dracaena moist but not soggy. So, consider watering the plant thoroughly once the topsoil feels dry to touch. Also, water the plant during the evening or early morning hours.

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This plant does best in well-draining, loose soil incorporated with organic matter. Use an all-purpose houseplant potting mix for this purpose.

You can also use sterile loamy-sandy soil, but make sure to amend it with compost or cow dung manure before planting.


It does well in the temperature range of 16-28 C. Make sure the temperature does not drop below 10 C. Also, protect the plant from cold drafts and heating vents. Average room humidity works fine for this plant.

However, the Dracaena reflexa responds best to high humidity. You can enhance it using a humidifier or water pebble tray.

Taking Care of Dracaena reflexa



You can fertilize the plant using a liquid, balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer during the growing phase from April to September. However, avoid over-fertilizing the plant as it can cause brown leaf tip problems.


The Dracaena plant has extensive growth and therefore requires pruning to keep its size and shape in check. Using the sharp and sanitized shear, prune the stems or canes at a single point.

Also, remove dead and infected leaves. The lower part of the leaves turns yellow after some time, so consider discarding them from the plant.


Although this plant is an exceptionally slow grower, repotting can be done once every two years. Make sure to use fresh potting soil for this purpose.

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Pests and Diseases

The plant succumbs to the mealybugs and spider mites attack. Discard them using a strong jet of water or manual picking. Alternatively, you can apply neem oil or soap solution if the problem persists.

Avoid overwatering the plant to keep potential fungal diseases at bay.

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