How to Grow Arandi ka Paudha | Growing Castor Oil Plant

Last Updated: 07.11.2023

Arandi ka Paudha has many benefits and you can easily grow it in pots too! Here’s all the information on growing Castor Oil Plant in India!

Arandi ka Paudha

Arandi ka Paudha not only offers many health benefits but it also looks quite good! Keep on reading to know all the details about growing Castor Oil Plant!

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Arandi ka Paudha Information

These plants are native to Eastern Africa and India and are popular because of their highly beneficial medicinal uses. The plant’s foliage is large and attractive, with star-shaped thorns and red seed capsules. Arandi ka Paudha can grow easily up to a height of 3-6 feet in the right growing conditions.

According to a study, Arandi ka Paudha has more than 700 uses, ranging from medicine and cosmetics to biodiesel, plastics, and lubricants. The oil is critical to many industrial applications, because of its unique ability to withstand high and low temperatures.

A study by the Department of Oils, Sardar Patel University, Gujarat, India, also claims that Castor Oil Plant is a promising commodity that has a variety of applications in the coming years, particularly as a renewable energy source.

Botanical Name: Ricinus communis

Other Names — Castor oil plant, wonder tree, arandi, kege, amanakku, chittamankku, ricin, castor bean, and, eranda, Gandharva hasta, graine de ricin, tangantangan Oil Plant

How to Grow Arandi ka Paudha?


The plant is really easy to grow from seeds but can take quite a lot of time to mature. To save the effort, it is best to get a well-grown plant from a nursery.

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Requirements for Growing Arandi ka Paudha

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If you want the best growth and seeds, make sure the plant gets plenty of sunlight, a minimum of 5-6 hours every day. The more light it will get, the better it will be for the growth. Do not keep it at a shaded location.


Arandi ka Paudha is not fussy about the growing medium and would do just fine in regular garden soil. If you want better quality seeds with more oil content in them, add plenty of organic matter, coco-peat, vermicompost, and a handful of cow dung manure in the soil at the time of planting.


Castor oil plant grows best in slightly moist soil so make sure the growing medium is never going dry completely. Water the plant when the topsoil feels a little dry to the touch, which can be once in 2-3 days. 

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Arandi ka Paudha Care



If you have added coco peat and cow dung manure in the growing medium, then Arandi ka Paudha would do just fine without any feeding. To boost the size and quality of the seeds, use a balanced liquid fertilizer, once in 6-8 weeks.

Pests and Diseases

It is relatively safe from pests and diseases, as long as you do not overwater it and keep the castor oil plant at a location where it gets plenty of sunlight and air circulation.

Harvesting Arandi ka Paudha

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Harvest Arandi ka Paudha, when the bean pods begin to dry. Take out the entire plant and snip all the pods. Do remember to wear gloves to save yourself from nicks and scratches.

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Things to Remember

  • Keep the plant away from children’s reach as the toxic ricin in the seeds can result in serious complications if ingested.
  • Castor plant can be allergic to some people, but it is not poisonous when touched.
  • If you have pets, ensure they do not eat the seeds or leaves.

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