How to Grow and Care for Polka Dot Plants in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

The unique foliage of Freckle Face plant looks awesome in both home and garden. Here’s everything about How to Grow and Care for Polka Dot Plants in India!

How to Grow and Care for Polka Dot Plants

With eye-catching spots of purple, white, and red on its leaves, the Hypoestes phyllostachya is a great plant to have in your plant collection! Here’s all you need to know about How to Grow and Care for Polka Dot Plants.

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Propagating Polka Dot Plants

You can propagate the plant from seeds as well as cutting. But, if you want the process to be fast and sure, go for cuttings.

Snip off 6-8 inches long cutting from a healthy plant. Remove the leaves from one end, dip the cutting in a rooting hormone and plant it in a pot filled with potting soil. Water well and cover the plant with plastic to retain moisture and humidity. Keep the plant at any spot where it can get bright and indirect sunlight.

You can also propagate the plant in water. Just snip a cutting with a node, cut the bottom leaves, and put it in a glass of water at a spot where it can get bright light. Replace the water every 3-4 days and soon you will have a new plant! When you see the roots long enough, you can transplant it in the garden or pot.

Requirements for Growing Polka Dot Plants

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The polka dot plant prefers indirect sunlight. For the best color of the spots on foliage, avoid keeping it in direct and too bright light as it’ll fade its colors. An east or south-facing window is an ideal spot for growing indoors.


The plant appreciates consistently moist soil. However, avoid keeping the soil soggy and water only when the topsoil feels dry to touch. Reduce watering during winters.


The plant does best in the temperature range of 18-28 C. As it is sensitive to cold bring it indoors if you have grown it outside in a pot, especially if you live in hilly areas.


A well-draining soil, enriched with organic matter, is best. However, you can use any organic potting mix or add some pumice or perlite to the soil to increase its drainage capability.


The plant thrives in high humidity levels, so make sure to place the pot in a tray filled with water or use a humidifier. You can also place this tray near a fan or radiator as the water evaporated will aid in elevating the humidity of the room.

Pot Size

You can opt for any medium-sized (6-10 inches) pot to grow this plant. Make sure it has ample drainage holes to let the excess water out.

Caring for Polka Dot Plants

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You can feed the plant with a balanced, liquid fertilizer during its growing period. Make sure to dilute it to half of its strength and apply it every 5-6 weeks in its growing season.


Polka plant starts becoming leggy and will outgrow in the container slowly with time. To keep its size in check, prune back the tips of the plant during spring. It keeps the plant bushy and also helps in maintaining the size and height.

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