How to Get Tons of Blooms in Mogra Plant

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Do you want to know How to Get Tons of Blooms in Mogra Plant? Read ahead to find out the best tips and tricks on keeping your Arabian Jasmine full of flowers!

How to Get Tons of Blooms in Mogra Plant

Arabian Jasmine is one of the best flowering plants you can grow in India. If you want to ensure it is always full of flowers, then here are all the tricks on How to Get Tons of Blooms in Mogra Plant!

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What is Mogra Plant?

Mogra or Arabian Jasmine is famous for tiny, white, waxy flowers with a delightful fragrance. Monsoon and summer are the peak seasons of its blossoms, however, in the warm Indian climate, this shrub can be seen sparingly blooming year-round.

Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac

How to Get Tons of Blooms in Mogra Plant

1. Water Well

Mogra requires plenty of moisture to produce abundant blooms. Therefore, keep the soil consistently moist, but not soggy. Make sure the growing medium is never going completely dry.

2. Use a Right Growing Medium

Well-draining and porous soil with sufficient organic matter is best for mogra. You can also DIY by blending two parts of loamy soil with one part of cow dung manure.

3. Till Soil

How to Get Tons of Blooms in Mogra Plant 2

Also known as godi in India, it is the process in which soil is dug to bring the beneath soil onto the surface, while the topsoil goes beneath the surface. This practice allows the soil to take a good soak of sunlight uniformly and makes soil porous, and oxygenated.

4. Right Humidity and Temperature

The plant grows best in high humidity around 50-80%.  Arabian jasmine can grow in a wide range of temperatures and thankfully, the Indian climate is best for its growth.

5. Sunlight Exposure


It can thrive in full to partial sun but ensure it gets full sunlight for 4-6 hours daily. Protect the plant from long exposure to the harsh afternoon sun of Indian summer.

6. Save the Plant from Diseases

Rust and blight are the primary diseases that harm the mogra plant. If you are addressing the signs like de-coloration, foliage wilting, or less blooming, then use a soapy solution or insecticide spray on the infected parts.

7. Use Correct Fertilizer

How to Get Tons of Blooms in Mogra Plant 3

Fertilizer that is high in phosphorus like 7-9-5 NPK work wonders for mogra. Avoid the use of high nitrogen fertilizer, as it causes more foliage growth, with minimal blooms.

You can also use cow dung manure, Epsom salt, and coffee grounds. Make sure to not feed the shrub in extremely hot weather, as it can lead to root burning.

8. Choose the Right Variety

Hazari mogra, Butt mogra, and Yellow mogra are the best ones to grow in the Indian climate if you want plenty of blooms!

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