How to Clean Houseplant Leaves

Last Updated: 17.10.2023
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Though houseplants are low maintenance, their foliage sometimes gets coated with dust. Here’s all you need to know about How to Clean Houseplant Leaves.

How to Clean Houseplant Leaves

Cleaning houseplants leaves not only helps the plant to shine up more but also aids in better photosynthesis by unclogging the pores. Moreover, regular cleaning prevents the pests from setting up their homes on the leaves or stems. Let’s have a look at How to Clean Houseplant Leaves properly.

When to Clean the leaves?

You should clean the leaves periodically. Its frequency varies according to the location and the dust in the surroundings. If you live near the roadside, or a construction site, the plants may need more frequent cleaning. You should always check the leaves by touching the surface, if you notice dust, then it’s time for cleaning.

How to Clean Houseplant Leaves

  • Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth very gently. While wiping the leaves, hold it from another hand so as to prevent any tearing or bruising.
  • Don’t use any oil or any polish paint to enhance the shining of the leaves. As they can block the tiny stomata pores of leaves that they use to absorb sunlight.
  • If there is any plant with spiny or fuzzy leaves, like African violet that does not respond well to the wetting of leaves, the light dusting with the help of a soft bristle hairbrush will do the trick.
  • Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water and mist the foliage during the early morning or evening.
  • Deadhead any dead and yellow leaves regularly as it interrupts further growth of the plant and also provides a home to pests and insects. Also, snip off any yellow leaf stalk using scissors.

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