12 Home Made Garden Supplies to Make Your Work Easier

Last Updated: 22.12.2023
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Check out these creative and immensely helpful Home Made Garden Supplies ideas that you can use without spending too much money!

Here are some awesome Home Made Garden Supplies that you can use as gardening accessories! They are cheap, easy to make, and serve the purpose just fine!

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Home Made Garden Supplies

1. Egg Carton Seed Starter

Home Made Garden Supplies

A plastic or polystyrene foam egg carton can be repurposed as a seed starting tray. Remove the lid and clean the carton thoroughly. Poke small drainage holes beneath each of the cups, add seed starting media and sow the seeds!

2. Greenhouse From Plastic Bottles


You can create a miniature greenhouse in an enclosed plastic bottle. Simply cut off the bottom and place it over the top of the plant that needs a greenhouse environment.

3. Soda Bottle as Sprinkler

Home Made Garden Supplies 2

For making a sprinkler, pick any soda bottle and poke random holes. Now,  fix a hose at the neck of the bottle, and you are done!

4. Plastic Vinyl Tablecloth as Wheelbarrow

Use any old plastic tablecloth as a wheelbarrow and move mulch, fertilizer, soil, or any loads in the garden. This easy transport method asks for a minimum effort and is a great relief for the back.

5. Watering Can from a Detergent Jug

Punch a couple of holes onto the lid using a nail and hammer. Now, fill the jug with water, and your watering can is ready!

6. Multiple Uses of Yogurt or Ice Cream Cups


You can turn old yogurt cups into a seed starting tray. They are also great to grow small seedlings where you can later transplant them into pots.

7. Old Wooden Stick for Support

Home Made Garden Supplies 4

If you have any wooden or iron pole, then you use them as a support for creeping or vining plants like money plants, vegetables, or flowering vines.

8. Stones as Aesthetic Labels


If you have to label the plant’s names, especially herbs and vegetables, then any pebble or rock is a great choice. Just paint the surface of pebbles with acrylic paint and write names on them!

9. Chopsticks Stands

Home Made Garden Supplies 5

Chopsticks are great for little climbers where they can get all the support they need by climbing onto them. They also look cute!

10. Broken Pots as Labels

If you have broken pots, repurpose the pieces into useful labels for the gardens. You can also stick these random-shaped broken pieces as artistic decor in garden beds.

11. Light-Weight Towel or Blanket as Guard

Home Made Garden Supplies 6

Tender plants are susceptible to sudden weather fluctuations like scorching summer heat, frost, or dew damage. Wrap unused towels or blankets around the tender plants for protection.

12. Dupatta as a Hammock for Heavy Vegetables

Pumpkin and melons may fall down due to the weight. Use any dupatta as a mini hammock to give them support and prevent them from falling and rotting.

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