17 High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Love the juicy and relishing taste of Watermelon? Here are some of the most High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India you can grow!

Native to Africa, watermelons are the most relished summer fruit of India. The flesh of this warm season crop comes in the reddish color, but some watermelon types bear yellow flesh also. If you are looking for a good harvest then you should grow these High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India!

Botanical Name: Citrullus lanatus

Other Names: Tarbooz, Tarbuj, Kadu vrindavana, Kallangadi Balli, Tarmuz

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High Yielding Watermelon Varieties

1. Arka Manik

High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India 1

Average Weight: 4-6 kgs

Coming in an oval to globular shape, the light green rind of this variety is striped with dark green. The crimson-hued flesh has a granular texture and is sweet in taste.

2. Durgapur Kesar

Average Weight: 4-5 kgs

Unlike other watermelons, this variety has saffron-colored flesh that sets it apart. Developed by ARS, Durgapur, this late-maturing cultivar features green rind with dark green stripes.

3. Arka Jyoti

Average Weight: 6-8 kgs

This midseason variety produces round fruit with crimson flesh. Its dark green rind is striped with pale green lines.

4. Special Number 1

Average Weight: 4-7 kgs

Developed by PAU, Ludhiana, this variety has round and small-sized watermelons. This early maturing fruit has crimson flesh with a few embedded seeds.

5. Asahi Yamato

High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India 2

Average Weight: 6-8 kgs

This midseason watermelon variety is developed by the IARI, Delhi. Its medium-sized fruits have a combination of dark pink flesh with pale green banded rind.

6. Sugar Baby

Average Weight: 3-5 kgs

The small and round melon with a profound black-blue rind almost appears black from distance. Ripening within 75-90 days, its deep pink flesh encases very tiny seeds.

7. Madhuri 64

Average Weight: 8-10 kgs

This early maturing, hybrid variety produces an oval-shaped melon. Ripening within the span of 70-75 days, its flesh has a sweet taste, granular texture, and deep red color.

8. Black Magic

Average Weight: 7-8 kgs

This round-shaped watermelon can be easily distinguished, thanks to its black-green rind. It’s bright red flesh is mildly sweet and is ready for the harvest within 100-110 days.

9. Improved Shipper

High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India 3

Average Weight: 8-9 kgs

The rinds of these large-sized watermelons have a solid green color. Developed by PAU, Ludhiana, the flesh of this variety is crispy, moderately sweet, and dark pink.

10. Pusa Bedana

Average Weight: 5-6 kgs

This seedless watermelon variety is developed by the crossbreeding of two cultivars. It is a slow-growing cultivar that ripens in 105 days and produces a good quality melon of crimson flesh and thick rind.

11. Durgapura Meetha

Average Weight: 6-8 kgs

Ready to harvest within 110-120 days span, its thick rind is coated with a light green color. The deep red pulp is of excellent flavor.

12. Varun

Average Weight: 3-4 kgs

This hybrid variety showcases oblong shaped watermelon with dark green blotched rind. Since it is an early bearing variety, it takes around 65-70 days to ripe.

13. Vimal

High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India 4

Average Weight: 5-7 kgs

The round watermelons with a black-green rind have crimson-red flesh with a granular texture. It has good keeping quality with a harvesting period of 95-100 days.

14. Lekha

Average Weight: 6-10 kgs

Famous for its good keeping quality, its flesh is crisp and sweet and is ready to harvest within 90-100 days.

15. Black Thunder

Average Weight: 5-6 kgs

This early maturing variety can be picked 60-65 days. Its dark green and round rind appear almost black from distance.

16. Arka Akash

Average Weight: 6-8 kgs

This high yielding variety produces oblong melons with good keeping and transport quality. The red flesh enclosed within a bold green rind is juicy, sweet, and ripens in 90-95 days.

17. Arka Muthu

High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India 5

Average Weight: 3- 5 kgs

This early maturing cultivar takes only 70-80 days to ripen. Coming in both, oval and round shape, its deep red flesh is surrounded by the dark green striped rind.

Exotic Varieties of Watermelons

18. Hybrid Yellow Doll

The mildly sweet flesh in an exceptional bright yellow shade makes this watermelon stand out. Coming in an oval shape, this sumptuous melon is used in a gourmet fruit tray.

19. Hybrid Red Doll

This cultivar presents a wonderful combination of granular texture and deep red flesh. The elongated fruit is covered in a thick rind, with pale green bands.

20. Dumara

High Yielding Watermelon Varieties in India 6

The oval-shaped watermelon features a dark green rind underlined with white stripes. This hybrid variety from the USA is famous for sweet flesh and large-sized seeds.


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