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Wondering about the Harsingar Flowering Season in India? Our article will guide you through all the details about its overwhelmingly sweet blossoms!

Harsingar flowers create a floral carpet in the landscape with its icy white blooms. If you too want to enjoy its blooms and want to plant it accordingly, then keep on reading about Harsingar Flowering Season in India!

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Harsingar Plant Information

Harsingar Flowering Season in India

Harsingar is one of the most sought-after shrubs in India, thanks to its tiny, intensely fragrant, and white flowers. The blooms unfurl during the nighttime and exude a pleasing scent in the air, hence earning the name of Night jasmine. However, these blooms shed away the following morning as soon as the sun rises.

Flowering Season of Harsingar | Parijat Flowering Season

In India, the flowering season of parijat extends from August till December. Harsingar flowering starts at the outset of the rainy season during July or August. And, the course of blooming continues till December.

Growing Requirements of Harsingar



Parijat grows best when exposed to 3-5 hours of full sunlight on a daily basis. Lack of sunlight may result in stunted growth and a low flowering rate.


It prefers well-draining, slightly moist, porous, and fertile soil. Hence, go for any sandy-loamy soil amended with organic matter like compost or aged cow dung manure.

You can also DIY it by mixing equal parts of garden soil, coarse sand, and cow dung manure.


Parijat likes slightly moist but not damp soil for best growth. Water only when the top 2-inches of the soil feels dry to touch. Do not overwater the plant to avoid any fungal problems.


Parijat shrub does remarkably well in the climate of India. However, a temperature range of 23-35 C is most optimum for its growth.

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