25 Perfect Gifts for Succulent Lovers

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some of the Perfect Gifts for Succulent Lovers that you can present to your plant-loving friends this festive season.

Gifting a plant is trendy and also makes you contribute to mother nature. Have a look at some great Gifts for Succulent Lovers that will make for something your friends will absolutely love!

Here are the best succulents for a beginner gardener 

Perfect Gifts for Succulent Lovers

1. Basket Full of Succulents

Gifts for Succulent Lovers

Nothing like surprising your friend with a basket of mini succulents with mother of pearl, jade plant, kalanchoe, and sedum.

2. Geometric Planters

A pair of geometric planters give an extra dimension to the cute succulents, thanks to their geometric shapes. Be it hexagonal or pentagon; they complement the plants really well.

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3. Wall Planter

Gifts for Succulent Lovers 2

Small wall planters are a new trend among gardening enthusiasts, as they can be easily installed on mirrors, walls, or any flat surface. These tiny planters with succulents will be a great gift!

4. Misting Spray Bottle

Gifting a beautiful misting spray bottle will work for other plants too. It will come in handy while watering the plants in a jiffy.

5. Pentagon Glass Terrarium

Gifts for Succulent Lovers 3

The pentagon or other geometrical glass terrariums are the elegant centerpieces that hold the succulents most stylishly. They can house air plants, ferns, cactus, and artificial moss too.

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6. Gardening Journal

A gardening journal or a gardening book is a handy tool for growing plants, including succulents. These guides are a must have for every gardening enthusiast.

7. Gardening Tool Kit

Gifts for Succulent Lovers 4

A gardening tool kit with a watering bottle, cleaning brush, air dust blower, watering bottle, shovel, and tweezer is essential for every gardener.

8. Hanging Planters

You can opt for crochet planters, macrame planters, rope/jute planters, or plastic hanging planters – endless choices!

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9. Succulent Wreath

Gifts for Succulent Lovers 5

The succulent wreath is another wonderful specimen consisting of numerous live succulents fixed in a most organized way. You can also DIY it using some essentials.

10. Succulent Earrings

This different gift is surely going to make your female friend excited!

11. Crochet Succulents and Pots

Gifts for Succulent Lovers 6

You can crochet a cactus, succulent crafts, or succulent planters, or buy them for gifting.

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12. Succulent Inspired Accessories

Stylish succulent gifts like a phone cover, pillow cover, pins, or tee, highlighting the succulents will be appreciated by everyone!

13. Succulent Necklace

One of the perfect gifts for succulent lovers. For people obsessed with plants, being able to wear a wonderfully illustrated terrarium in enamel form is a perfect idea.

14. Half Moon Planter

Charming for putting plants in or just as a cute decoration. It is one of the most loved gifts as it adds charm and a vintage feel to your gift.

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15.  Live Succulents

These succulents arrived in immaculate condition, and they do not appear dried out or mangled in any way. They can survive indoors and outdoors. Remember to provide care instructions to the succulent lover.

16. Set of Hexagonal Planters

These are the perfect gifts for succulent lovers. They are perfectly sized and sturdy, include small drainage holes at the bottom, and have nice little bamboo saucers that they rest on.

17. Silicone Wall Planters

A silicone wall planter is perfect as that sticks to windows and shiny, flat walls. You can stick them anywhere in the home and make that place look charming. 

18. Cactus and succulent pins

These are perfect gifts for succulent lovers. They look attractive, require less care, and are beautiful in appearance in your home or garden.

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19. Shape of Owl Pots

these are the cutest pots to gift to your friends and relatives who love succulents. They are perfect for the small succulents from the store or if you are propagating some smaller plants. The drainage hole on the bottom is sufficient for your succulents to live better.

20. A hanging glass terrarium kit

You can plant a beautiful succulent in the hanging glass terrarium kit. It adds a spark of beauty with its amazing appearance. One of the perfect gifts for succulent lovers.

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21. Bus Shaped Planters

An extra-unique and lovable gift idea for extra good growing vibes. They look stunning and appealing when succulents are planted in them.

22. Notecards

A set of 10 notecards to express your succulent love is an amazing gift idea. A well-packed card is just lovable for gifting. 

23. Laptop Skin

A colorful laptop skin with a picture of succulents is really innovative. It will help the gift receiver forget that they are working in an office and not outside in nature.

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24. Succulent Ring

A perfect gift for succulent lovers. A dainty ring featuring a silver sedum plant is just awesome and can make a perfect present for your loved ones.

25. Watch with Succulent Print

What else will a succulent lover enjoy than a watch to look at with succulent print? It is one of the best gift items for succulent lovers and is highly appreciated by them.

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