9 Best Garden Activities for Kids

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Here are some great Best Garden Activities for Kids that will help them being close to nature while developing a new hobby!

In this fast-moving technological era, children are losing touch with nature. In such a scenario, you can actively make them take a part in various Garden Activities for Kids that will help them connect with the natural resources while learning the ways to preserve the ecosystem.

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Fun Garden Activities for Kids

1. Cleaning Garden and Taking Care of Plants

 Garden Activities for Kids

Involve your kids in cleaning up the garden. Teach them the basic gardening care like deadheading the flowers from the stalk and removing yellow leaves from the plants.

2. Watering

One of the important roles while growing plants is nurturing them regularly. Give your kids a garden hose or a watering can to water the plants. Also, teach them how much to water and how to check moisture of the soil.

3. Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables

 Garden Activities for Kids 2

One of the easiest jobs is to harvest veggies and fruits that are growing in the garden. Teach your kids to distinguish between ripen and un-ripen fruits. Also, tell them which veggie is ready to harvest based upon its varying degree of ripening.

4. Painting Pots

One of the most interesting garden activities for toddlers is painting the pots. Teach them to paint plastic, terracotta, and clay pots.

5. Upcycling Plastic Bottles and Gumboot for Making Planters

 Garden Activities for Kids 3

Unused gumboots and plastic bottles can be reused in growing plants. This creative gardening approach will develop curiosity in kids while adding an aesthetic appeal to your garden.

6. Making Labels Using Pebbles

Making plants label is a fun to craft activity. Inspire your kids to use metal spoons, pebbles, and cardboard for making labels. Hand them essentials like paintbrush or marker and see them create something amazing.

7. Making Soil Toys

 Garden Activities for Kids 4

Gone are the days when kids used to play in the muddy soil making their own toys in it. Involve your kids into making soil toys as it will give them chance to spend time in the garden, close to nature.

8. Making a Bird Feeder

Get your kid’s help in making a bird feeder using plastic bottles or wooden blocks. This project will help your kids learn environment-friendly ways to preserve nature.

9. Mini Veggie Garden for Kids

 Garden Activities for Kids 5

You can allot a separate area of the garden to your kids and help them learn growing their own fruits or veggies. This will make them self-reliant and they’ll learn sowing, watering, harvesting, and caring for the plants.

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