120 Homemade Ganpati Decoration Ideas with Flowers

Last Updated: 22.12.2023
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Here are some classy Ganpati Decoration Ideas with Flowers that you can use to add bling to interior space while keeping the Holy God close to nature!

Use these Ganpati Decoration Ideas with Flowers in your home and office to make the Lord stand out with greenery.

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Best Ganpati Decoration Ideas with Plants

1. Ganpati Ji with Peace Lilies

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Decorate your Gunpati with beautiful Peace Lilies. One of the best Ganpati decoration ideas for this year.

2. Mini Lord Ganesha with Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboos are a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Make your space look divine with this appealing Ganesh decoration idea.

3. Lord Ganesha with Palm leaves


Palm leaves can be one of the best ways to make your decoration background look attractive. Try this Ganesh decoration idea and beautify your space.

4. Heavenly Ganesha with Roses

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Roses are not only known for their beauty but also for their divine aroma. Fill your space with these beautiful flowers and experience an appealing impact.

5. Goldish Ganesha with Marigold Flowers and Banana Leaves


Marigolds and Banana leaves are a combination of religious beauties. Their color and appearance are heartwarming. Check out this amazing Ganesh decoration Idea for this year.

6. Morya Adorned with Flowers


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Make your Bappa look enticing with the beauty of flowers. This is one of the best Ganesh decoration idea that could make your home look even more holy.

7. Adorable Ganesha with Betal, Kava, and Piper Sarmentosum leaves


These combinations are a mixed symbol of good fortune, happiness, and love. Make your home peaceful with this Ganesh decoration idea.

8. Ganesha Adorned with Different Plants



Plants are not only eco-friendly but also add a touch of nature to your decoration. Check out this idea and make your festival amazing.

9. Cute Ganesha with Dendrobium and Moth orchids flowers


Orchids are known for their beautiful aroma and appealing look. This Ganesh Chaturthi, decorate your space with these attractive orchids.

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10. Relaxed Ganesha with Lavender and Amaranth

Lavender and Amarnath are known for their loveable scent and are one of the most preferred religious plants. Try this Ganesh decoration idea to fill your mandap with a peaceful aroma.

11.  Grand Ganesha with Ivy and Willow leaves

One of the best Ganesh decoration ideas for this year. It can add the sparkle of nature to your space and looks really attractive.

12. Bappa with Daisy and German Chamomile


The combination of white and yellow along with red will enhance the look of your Mandir and is one of the most preferred Ganpati decoration idea.

13. Ganesh ji with Soleirolia


Add a touch of greenery to your Mandap and welcome Bappa to bless your home with good luck and success.

14. Mud Ganesha with Climbing Fig and Ficus Leaves

One of the most interesting Ganesh decoration ideas which will be 100% eco-friendly. It is unique and will make your space look even more fabulous.

15. Ganesha with Lemongrass and Screwpine


Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most famous festivals in India. Celebrate the festival with a spark of greener decoration ideas.

16. Beautiful Ganapati on a Grass Bed


Plan your Ganpati decoration outdoors with beautiful grass beds. It will enhance the look of your garden along with a holy feel.

17. Ganpati Bappa Traditional Decoration Idea


You can plan your Ganpati decoration idea with a traditional and classic feel. Try out this amazing Ganesh decoration idea for this year.

18. Morya Bamboo Good Luck Decoration


Open the doors for good luck and fortune by inviting Ganesha to your house with enticing bamboo sticks.

19. Ganesh Ji in Yellow Decor


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Make your Mandap look lovable with this yellow-colored decoration idea and bless your home. Try out this amazing Ganpati decoration idea for this year.

20. Elegant with Religious – Ganpati Decoration Idea


Make your prayers more elegant and traditional with this beautiful Ganesh decoration idea. Let the decoration be simple and classy.

21. Natural Decoration Idea for Ganpati Puja

Make your space look even more natural and holy with the beautiful green background. One of the best Ganpati decoration ideas for this year.

22. White Light for Bright Ganpati Decoration


Lights can make your Ganpati decoration even prettier and make your Mandap look bigger with flashy effects. Try this idea and experience amazingness.

23. Ganpati Decoration Idea in Yellow and Green Combinations

Decorate your Ganesha with a beautiful combination of yellow and green and give them a classic as well as authentic look.

24. Feel the Festival Decoration Idea

Make your Ganpati decoration impactful by decorating them in an authentic festival manner. Fill up your space beautifully with greenery.

25. Traditional & Classy Ganpati Decoration Idea

Bring the ethical feel of your festival with this amazing Ganesh decoration idea. Give your Mandir an esthetic feel.

26. Red Backgroud with Colourful Flowers

Decorate your Bappa with a red colored backdrop and beautiful varieties of flowers. This might look even more attractive.

27. Classic Ganpati Decoration Idea

Old is gold. So, follow the traditional and classic Ganpati decoration idea that will be most popular this year.

28. Elegance in White

White is the symbol of Peace and Prosperity. So decorate your space with these beautiful symbols and experience liveliness.

29. Pink & White Lovable Decoration Idea

One of the best Ganesh decoration ideas for this year. The combination of Pink and White looks really attractive and, when combined with green leaves, can make the space look heavenly.

30. Bal Ganesha Decoration Idea


Bal Ganesha is worshiped for bringing Prosperity and Happiness into our lives. Decorate your space with the beauty of flowers to invite Bal Ganesha.

31. Lovable Idol in Traditional Yellow

One of the most classic and religious decoration ideas for this year. A Ganesh Murthi with beauties of yellow look really attractive and appealing for your space.

32. Feel of South – Ganpati Poojan


One of the most authentic banana leaf decoration ideas for you. It will add a sparkle of ethical feel to your decoration and remind you of the traditions.

33. Jhanki Gannpati Decoration Idea

Nitesh Bhandari

You can decorate your space with beautiful jhanki decoration ideas. Make a jhanki for your mandir and live the moment of the traditional rituals.

34. Ganpati Decor – Combination of White & Orange


Beautify your space with a combination of orange and white flowers. It will look stunning and lovable. One of the best Ganesh Decoration Ideas for this year.

35. Flowery Background Ganpati Decoration Idea


Flowers are a symbol of love and happiness. Fill your space with amazing flowers and lift up your festive feel with this decoration idea.

36. Mix of Vibrant Colors Decoration Idea

Party Hub Events

You can make your decoration look more peaceful with the staircase decoration idea, that can be decorated with a mix of pink, yellow, red and green flowers as well as leaves.

37. Green Leafy Decoration


The green decoration is always stunning as it captures the mood of the natural essence. One of the nest Ganpati Decoration Ideas for this year.

38. Peaceful White Beautiful Ganpati Decoration Idea

To make your space look bigger and brighter, add a feel of whiteness to your mandir. It will make your mandap look peaceful and can light up your space.

39. Multicoloured Decoration


Flowers have a tendency to spread aroma along with beautiful colors. Make your space look enticing with multicolored decorations, and just keep them random.

40. Beauty in Classics Ganpati Decoration Idea

Having a beautiful and elegant look for your Ganpati decoration is one of the best decoration ideas for this year. Welcome your Lord with the lovable beauty of nature.

41. Under the Greenery Decoration

Give a natural look to your Bappa by making the Lord sitting under a tree at your home indoors. Yes, it’s possible with this amazing Ganesh Decoration Idea.

42. Creamy background Ganpati Decoration Idea


You can plan a creamy backdrop for your Ganesha Decoration this year. Make your decoration even more beautiful with this appealing look.

43. Ganpati Decoration with Elegance


Make your decoration elegant by welcoming a Peetal ki Murthi and decorating them with fresh lilies. It is one of the most elegant Ganesh Decoration Ideas.

44. Beauty of  Nature

Make your decoration lovable with your Lord sitting in a lotus petal decoration. It allows you to live the natural and holy experience at your Mandap.

45. Circular Religious Look


You can plan something really creative to decorate your Ganesha. Plan a circular decoration idea to leave a bubbly impact of happiness in your home.

46. The Best Ganpati Decoration Idea in marigold

Marigold doesn’t only leave a holy essence but when decorated on the Murthi, can make them look realistic. Try this decoration idea for your Mandir this year.

47. Mandir pooja

Mansi Lal Sawant

Give a proper space to your Ganesha and make the decoration look natural by imagining the Lord sitting in a garden and blessing us with good luck. Try out this Ganesha Decoration Idea.

48. Classy  Decor

Make a space of your living room appealing by decorating them with beautiful palm pots and a white colored backdrop. it is one of the most classy Ganesha decoration ideas for your house.

49. Sanjhi Pujan

Make your space Sanjhi for pooja by inviting your loved ones under a single roof for pooja. Make proper sitting space for them with sofas along with traditional decoration ideas for Ganesha.

50. Green and Natural Ganpati Decoration Idea

Aman Gurjar

Add some natural ingredients to your space, like pebbles, paan k patte, bamboo sticks, and green leaves to make your Ganesha look realistic and amazing.

51. Ganpati Bappa with Blessing Ring


Give a decoration of the big ball of fire- the blessing ring behind your Ganesha Murthi. Make your space look blessed with this impactful decoration idea.

52.  Original Ganpati  Decoration Idea

Keep it natural and beautiful with the mudded and over-crafted decoration of your Ganesha outside your home. They may just look irresistibly lovable and appealing.

53. Beauty in Simplicity

Pratik’s Art Gallery

Keep it as simple as possible and make your space look stunning. Cover the background with white backdrops along with the boundaries of green,

54. Bal Ganesha Natkhat Decoration

Lord Ganesha

Keep the vibe of Natkhat Ganesha alive with cute decorations for your Ganesha Poojan. Bring awesomeness to your home and a happy vibe.

55.  Classic and Beautiful Decor

Keep the pride and serenity of Lord Ganesha alive with this attractive decor. One of the best Ganesh Decoration Ideas for this year.

56. Love the Ringing Bells

Do you want to bring the feel of a mandir to your home? Try out this lovable decor idea with the beautiful bells in the backdrop.

57.  DIY Ganpati Decoration Idea

Plan out some DIYs for your Ganpati decoration and make your space look really appealing. Feel free to make your own amendments and decorate the space with your DIY ideas.

58. Under the Sky Decor


Give a feel of nature with the under-the-sky feel of your decoration. Give a white background to make the space look appealing and peaceful.

59. Morya in Original Avtar

Give the look of pride and serenity to your Ganesha with this amazing and beautiful decoration idea. Try out unique ways to beautify your space.

60. Cinematic Ganpati Decoration Idea


Give a cinematic way to your home with the beautiful Bollywood look to your Ganesha decoration. it will enhance the look of your space along with the ethical style.

61. Beautiful in Purple

Explore the beauty of purple designs with the lovable orchids and carnations for your decoration. This is one of the best Ganesh Decoration ideas for this year.

62. Contrast of Pink Decoration

Make your mandir look lovable with the beautiful contrast of purple, pink, white, and green. It will look explicit for your space.

63. Mandir Look Ganpati Decoration Idea

Give a look at pandal or the mandir to your house with a white backdrop and golden Ganesha. It will look lovable and will glam up your space.

64. Red and White Beauty


Red and white is always a combination of love, happiness, and prosperity. Bring home all the goodness with this beautiful Ganesh decoration idea.

65. Blessed with Bells


Make your space look even more appealing with the bells and effects of beautiful rings as a backdrop. try out this decoration idea for the year.

66. Square-Shaped Ganpati Decoration Idea


Try out something unique this festive season and bring out the beautiful decoration idea with square-shaped arrangements.

67. Lights and Colours Decor


Beautiful Ganpati decoration idea for the lovable look of your mandir. Fill your space with lights and flowers for a lovable look.

68. Blossoms of Beauty


Shower your place with the blossoms of blue and white to make your decoration look even more appealing.

69. Ganpati Pandaal


Make a proper lovable pandal for your Ganesha and enhance the look of your space. It is one of the best Ganpati Decoration Ideas for this year.

70. With Serenity – Ganpati Decoration Idea


Bless your space with the beauty of serenity and love. Make a beautiful arrangement of pink-colored flowers and fill your space with good luck.

71. Lotus Beauty with Ganesha


Prepare a calm and peaceful atmosphere with a lotus arrangement for your Ganesha. this is one of the best Ganpati Decoration Ideas for you.

72. Lovable Peaches Ganpati Decoration Idea


Decorate your space with beautiful peach decorations by presenting a dark shade background. It will look studding in your home.

73. White Pandal with Ganesha

Make it stunning and appealing with the gracious white look. It is one of the best decoration ideas for Ganesh Puja.

74. Lucky Lotta Decoration

Invite Ganesha and good luck with the beautiful Lotta Decoration Idea. It is one of the most lovable and attractive decoration idea for Ganesh Chaturthi.

75. Save Planet Ganpati Decoration Idea

Spread a message of eco-friendly celebrations with these beautiful planet safety stickers. Make a DIY or just showcase your message fruitfully.

76. Morpankhi Morya


Morpankh has religious importance and looks beautiful when decorated around Ganesha. It is one of the best Ganesha Decoration Ideas for you.

77. Good Luck and Prosperity Ganpati Decoration Idea


Ferns and petals add a spark of beauty to your decoration. Add these little beauties and make your space really amazing.

78. Authentic Ganpati Decoration Idea


Make it natural and original with the village side look. You can decorate your space very well and give a splash of Desi Look to your Decoration.

79. Moryya Bappa Decoration Idea

shuuterstock/Thanthima Lim

Just the Murthi of Bappa with a Garland and greener background can be a really awesome decoration idea. Try to keep it simple and sweet.

80. Aesthetic Ganpati Decoration Idea

shutterstock/Thana Thanadechakul

As the Lord is fond of nature, keep them outdoors with plenty of natural resources and decorate them with simplicity.

81.  Stage Ganpati Decoration Idea

Make a stage at your home to welcome Ganesha and decorate the background for an aesthetical look of your decoration.

82.  Jhula for Ganesha

Give a real proper look to your decoration by placing the idol of Ganesha on a jhula. It is an ethical and lovable Ganpati Decoration Idea.

83. Five Murthi Decoration


Decorate a five murthi Bappa with green leaves and religious flowers. It can make the look really divine.

84. Fern Ganpati Decoration Idea


Keep the decoration simple and classy by just placing some of the ferns along with yellow and orange marigold flowers. It really looks amazing.

85. Ethical Ganpati Decoration Idea


Give a background of red, pink, or maroon curtains to enhance the grace of your Ganesha. It is one of the best Ganpati Decoration Ideas for this year.

86. Lively Decoration Idea

Add a lively feel of nature to your decoration and keep the decoration classy. It is one of the best decoration ideas for you.

87. Purity Decor


White symbolizes purity, and you can easily get varieties of white flowers for your decoration. Keep the decoration fancy with these beautiful white flowers.

88. Green and White Contrast


The combination of green and white is really peaceful. It adds the feel of nature and purity. Try out this Ganapati decoration idea.

89. In the Sea Ganpati Decoration Idea

Keep it real with the ethical view and prepare a proper model of lakes and seas to enhance the look of the decoration. You can also try DIY!

90. Parvat Ganesha Decor

Bal Ganesha has an important significance with Parvat. you can keep it classy and significant with this decoration idea.

91. DIY Ganesha Decoration Idea

You can use DIYs to make your decoration appealing and creative. Show your skills and make your decoration the best.

92. Celebration to Welcome Bappa Decor Idea


Welcome Bappa, like you welcome a new member to your family. Decorate the space in the feel of celebration and happiness.

93. Traditional Ganesha Decor Idea


Keep the decoration classy with the traditional decoration idea. It always looks beautiful and lovable when the decoration is moved ahead with traditions.

94. Calm and Beautiful Decoration


The importance of Ganesh Chaturthi is to spread love and happiness to your home. Cherish the message and keep the decoration decent.

95. Jhoomar Ganesha Decoration Idea


Give an applaudable feel to your decoration by placing Jhoomar made of flowers over your Ganesha. It gives a feel of a crown on your Lord.

96. With Nature Decoration



98. Lights and Flowers


Keep the decoration beautiful with lovable lights and an attractive red feel. It looks pleasant and peaceful.

99. Mandap Decoration Idea

Give a beautiful look to your Ganpati decoration by making a mandap filled with flowers. Decorate it and make it really appreciable.

100. Bal Ganesha Lovable Decoration Design


Decorate your Bal Ganesha in the most authentic way. One of the best Ganpati Decoration Idea for this year.

101. Garland Decoration


Make your decoration amazing with white and pink garland for your Ganpati. It looks lovable when green leaves are added to them.

102. Traditional Pooja Style

Fill your space with the beautiful traditional style decoration. It looks beautiful and attractive. It is one of the best Ganpati Decoration Idea.

103. Black and Gold Combination


Make your decoration lovable with a black idol and golden appearance. You can add a garland of marigolds for an appealing look.

104. Big Leaf Decoration


Give a lovable look to your decoration with Green Leaves that are big and showcase the appearance of a big crown on your Ganesha.

105. Diyas and Planters

Make your Ganpati Decoration unique with diyas or candles and green leafy planters. It is one of the best Ganpati decoration ideas.

106. Classy Decoration Idea

Make it gracious and elegant with one of the most classic decoration idea for your Ganesh Chaturthi. Try out this attractive decoration.

107. Wall Corner Decoration

Make your Lord feel pride in wall-placed decoration. It looks stunning and is one of the most attractive decoration idea.

108. Colorful Decoration

Give wings to your ideas and aspirations and design a beautiful mat of flowers for your Ganesha. It really looks soothing and satisfying.

109. Blooms Around Bappa


Decorate your space with beautiful blossoms that are widely spread and add a feel of love to your home. It is one of the best Ganesha decoration ideas for you.

110. Leaves and Flowers


You need a creative approach to make your decoration look stunning and unique. Combine the flowers with leaves and do some wonders for your decoration.

111.Pink and White Lovable Combination

Decorate your Bappa with beautiful dark pink background along with lighter shades of curtains. Keep the beauty of white and pink flowers in mind, along with the green leaves.

112.Crown Shaped Decoration

Create a pandal that offers the shape of a crown over the Lord Ganesha Idol. It looks stunning and attractive.

113.Candles of Prayers

Spread a message of love, light, and happiness with this appealing look of your Mandir. Light it up with diyas, candles, and lights, and make the space look fabulous.

114. Carnations Beauty


Give a look that is eye-catchy and attractive to your Mandir. One of the best Ganpati Decoration Ideas for you.

115. Classy and Elegant


Decorate your space with elegance. Keep it amazing with deep colors and add a splash of beautiful flowers to it.

116. Creative Decoration Idea

Make the look of your Mandir amazing with creative ideas and keep it flexible as you like. Give wings to your imagination and decorate your mandir.

117. White and Pink Roses

What a beautiful combination of pink and white roses looks like! It’s actually hear warming and pleasing with a lovable look. Try this idea at your home.

118. Stones and Lights

Give a look of nature to your Ganesha decoration with stones and beautiful lights in the background. It is one of the best Ganpati Decoration Ideas for the year.

119. Flower Garlands


Beautiful decoration idea for your Ganesh Chaturthi with flower garlands. They look stunning and are one of the best Ganpati Decoration Idea.

120. A Green Wall behind Ganpati Ji


Decorate your Ganesha with a green backdrop and make your space look absolutely beautiful. Try out this decoration and feel a divine experience at your home.

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