Fun and Easy DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter

Last Updated: 17.10.2023
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Planters offer you a great solution to grow your favorite plants in a limited space! Check out this fun DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter!

DIY Vertical Bamboo PlanterVertical planters have gained high popularity among gardeners, as they enhance the aesthetic appeal of gardens or interiors without asking for much space. So, if you are also willing to design one for yourself, then, check out this tutorial of DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter! It is a great way to add a rustic and aesthetic dimension to your interior.

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Required Materials

  1. Half-round bamboo
  2. 4- small pots for plants
  3. Self-drilling screws
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Wood polish
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Drilling machine
  8. Rope

DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter

1. Paint the Bamboo

DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter 2

Using the paintbrush, apply a coat of wood polish on the entire surface of half-round bamboo evenly.

2.  Let it Dry

Once you are done with painting, leave it for a couple of hours to let the paint on bamboo dry thoroughly.

3. A Drill Hole in Bamboo

DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter 3

Now, a drill hole in the center of the bamboo using a drilling machine. We’ll use this hole in the last step to hang the planter.

4. Fix the pots

Now, fix all the pots on the bamboo one by one with the self-tightening screws and screwdriver. Make sure to measure the length of your bamboo and screw pots on even distance.

5. Select Plants

DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter 4

Choose your favorite plants or succulents and create a stunning combination to grow in the pots. You can opt for multiple varieties of succulents like Echeverria, sedum, stonecrop, and mother of millions.

You can also grow other types of plants in it but be sure to choose plants that can grow in small pots. Most foliage plants can easily grow in this.

6. Planting

Fill the bottom layer of the pots with potting soil, or succulent mix, according to the plant you are growing. Now, plant the succulents in the pots along with their root balls and fill it with soil.

7. Hang Bamboo Planter

DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter 5

Take two rope and tie its both ends to both sides of the bamboo to provide support to it. It also looks good with the planter.

Finally, the vertical bamboo planter is ready and you can hang the arrangement on any bright wall with the help of a nail in the center.

For more detailed information, check out this video tutorial.

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