Popular Flowers Names in Malayalam

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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If you are native to the southern parts of India, this guide on Popular Flowers Names in Malayalam is all you need to about them!

If you live in the Kerela state and finding it hard to know about the name of the flowers in the native language then don’t worry! We have an exclusive list of Popular Flowers Names in Malayalam enlisting their names that’ll help you out!

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Popular Flowers Names in Malayalam

1. Damask Rose (Gulab)

Flowers Names in Malayalam

Malayalam Name: Panniruppu

Coming in pink and red hues, damask roses are used in perfume or Attar industries.

2. Sunflower (Suryamukhi)

Malayalam Name: Sooryakanthi

Sunflowers adds an instant pop of colors to the landscapes.

3. Plumeria (Champa)

Malayalam Name: Simaiyalari / Velachampakam

Waxy petals of plumeria, arranged in a spiral fashion, are admired for their intoxicating scent.

4. Coral Jasmine (Harsingaar)

Malayalam Name: Pavizhamalli

The five-lobed fragrant flowers over an orange tube fall out during the morning.

5. Purslane (Lunia)

Malayalam Name: Koluppa

Tiny yellow flowers, trailing on the burgundy stems, are great choices for containers.

6. Aak Crown Flower (Akaavi)

Malayalam Name: Vellerikk / Vella Erikku

Flushed in lavender to off white hues, the flowers feature a crown-like ring that carries stamens.

7. Passionflower (Neelkamal)

Flowers Names in Malayalam 2

Malayalam Name: Poochapalam

The purple flower, underlined with an intricate floral arrangement, adds a tropical texture to the yards.

8. Bouganvillea (Gaganbel)

Malayalam Name: Kadalasu Poovu

The cream inflorescences are surrounded by a set of bracts that are often confused with petals.

9. Lantana (Raimuniya)

Malayalam Name: Arippu / Kuzhaloothipalam

Flowering year-round, the combination of numerous colors with a sharp scent makes lantana stand out.

10. Rangoon Creeper (Madhumalti)

Malayalam Name: Kulamarinji

The tubular and fragrant flowers of Madhu Malti fills the entire landscape with a delightful fragrance.

11. Spider Lily (Shukadarshana)

Malayalam Name: Veluttapolatali

Thanks to the downward curves of its slender petals, it gets its spider-like appearance.

12. Marigold (Genda)

Malayalam Name: Chendumalli

The fragrant marigold flowers come in yellow, orange, and red colors.

13. Periwinkle (Sadabahar)

Flowers Names in Malayalam 3

Malayalam Name: Shavam Naari

Coming in shades of pink, white to purple, periwinkle flowers non stop throughout the year.

14. Oleander (Kaner)

Malayalam Name: Arali Poovu

Oleander flowers spread a beautiful floral carpet beneath the tree upon shedding.

15. Blue Morning Glory (Neelkalmi)

Malayalam Name: Taliyari

The funnel-shaped flowers of morning glory repeatedly appear from summer till fall.

16. Blue Sage (Gulsham)

Malayalam Name: Kizhangu

The dense cluster of blue blossoms emerge on terminal spikes.

17. Arabian Jasmine (Mogra)

Malayalam Name: Kudamulla

Thanks to the intoxicating fragrance of the Arabian jasmine, it finds extensive uses in perfumery.

18. Canna Lily (Devkel)

Malayalam Name: Thottavazha

Yellow to orange color flowers, with contrast blotches, add a tropical texture to the garden.

19. Butterfly Pea (Shankhpushpi)

Flowers Names in Malayalam 4

Malayalam Name: Sangu Pushpam / Shankupushpam

Touted for its effective medicinal uses, the dark blue hue of butterfly pea complements on a green vine.

20. Rain Lily

Malayalam Name: 

Coming in a range of colors like pink, yellow, and white, lily looks absolutely dashing!

21. Lotus (Kamal)

Malayalam Name: Tamara Puvvu

The overlapped velvety petals, standing on an airy stem, are the epitome of beauty.

22. Saffron Flower (Kesar)

Malayalam Name: Kashmiram

Found in the lap of the Kashmir, crimson stigma of the purple flowers are harvested for culinary uses.

23. Tuberose (Rajnigandha)

Malayalam Name: Kizhanguvarga Sasyam

The cluster of tiny flowers are cherished for their pleasing fragrance.

24. Impatiens Balsam (Gulmehndi)

Malayalam Name: Thilam Oonappuu

Coming in elegant shades of pink, red, mauve, and lilac, balsam invites bees and butterflies in the garden.

25. Scarlet Bauhinia (Kachnar)

Flowers Names in Malayalam 5

Malayalam Name: Vallimandaram

Scarlet bauhinia displays a broad range of colors ranging from magenta, mauve, pink, crimson to white.

26. Gummy Gardenia (Dekamali)

Malayalam Name: Kambimaram

Pleasingly fragrant gardenia features 5-12 petal flowers from spring to summer.

27. Hibiscus (Gudhal)

Malayalam Name: Chemparatti

Showcasing a broad range of colors, the showy petals are a head-turner!

28. Elephant Creeper (Ghav Bel)

Malayalam Name: Perunkurumpa

Varying in shades from lavender to pink, the bell-shaped flower has a dark-hued throat.

29. White Damar

Malayalam Name: Kuntirikkappayin

Tiny flowers, with contrasting yellow anthers, are borne in clusters on leaf axils.

30. Midday Flower (Dupahariya)

Flowers Names in Malayalam 6

Malayalam Name: Uchchamalari

As the name suggests, the flower unfurls during noontime and falls out the next morning.

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