11 Stunning Flowering Succulent Plants

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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These Flowering Succulent Plants not only look good, but they are also very easy to maintain! Grow them in today!

Succulents are one of the easiest to look after specimens as you don’t have to worry much about their watering. Here are the best Flowering Succulent Plants that make them look even better!

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Beautiful Flowering Succulent Plants

Please keep in mind that to promote flowering, you have to keep the plants where they can get 4-6 hours of sunlight daily. 

1. Christmas Cactus

Flowering Succulent Plants

Botanical Name: Schlumbergera

Spectacular pink to lilac blooms of the Christmas cactus emerge during winters. The plant features green and flattened stems that pair well with the large cluster of its flowers.

2. Kalanchoe


Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Coming in impressive shades of white, pink, red, and orange, the striking bunch of dainty kalanchoe blooms are showstoppers. A great plant for tabletops!

3. Crown of Thorns

Flowering Succulent Plants 2

Botanical Name: Euphorbia milii

Its woody and sharp branches are heavily covered with thorns. It grows tiny flowers surrounded by red to pink bracts. With the right growing conditions, it can bloom all year-round!

4. Purple Ice Plant

Botanical Name: Lampranthus productus

The purple ice plant bears daisy-like purple blooms that rise just above the fleshy needle-like foliage. Blooming bountifully all summers, the succulent plant works great as a ground cover too.

5. Peanut Cactus

Flowering Succulent Plants 3

Botanical Name: Echinopsis chamaecereus

The plant has finger-like long stems that get covered with orange blooms in summer. Its flowers continue to display for up to 2-3 weeks in a row.

6. Desert Rose

Botanical Name: Adenium obesum

The slow-growing succulent features thick and swollen trunk with dark green leaves that has a resemblance to the bonsai plant. Its flowers in mesmerizing pink hue in summer.

7. String of Pearls

Flowering Succulent Plants 4

Botanical Name: Senecio rowleyanus

The cascading style stems, with pea-like leaves, work great as a spiller plant. This trailing succulent vine produces chic white blooms during spring.

8. Easter Cactus

Botanical Name: Hatiora gaertneri

The Easter cactus has segmented, flat, and green branches that tend to arch downwards. It produces bountiful funnel-like flowers in red to pink shades with a yellow eye.

9. Marble Buttons

Flowering Succulent Plants 5

Botanical Name: Conophytum calculus

As the name suggests, the succulent showcases a unique button-like round dome that multiplies with time. It grows cute yellow flowers at the top of the ‘head.’

10. Red Yucca


Botanical Name: Hesperaloe parviflora

This drought-tolerant, ornamental plant is cherished for its grassy, leathery, evergreen leaves in massive clumps. The coral-hued, tubular blooms emerge on the long stems.

11. String of Buttons

Botanical Name: Crassula perforata

Its triangular leaves are stacked over each other and create a spiral pattern. The plant grows small, starry, yellow-white flowers throughout spring.

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