17 Flower Basket Ideas You Must Copy

Last Updated: 08.04.2024

We’ve got many Flower Basket Ideas that prove you can use these to style and showcase your plants in more ways than one.

When we say Flower Basket Ideas, your mind immediately goes to a simple basket filled with blooms. But you’ll be surprised to see there are many different kinds of these that you can use to spruce up different corners of your home and garden.

Flower Basket Ideas You Must Copy

1. Geranium Hanging Basket

Flower Basket

2. Wicker Basket with Begonias

Flower Basket Ideas You Must Copy

Why don’t you go with a pointy wicker basket like this one? It’s small, eye-catching, and is filled with Begonias

3. Lavender Flowers in Weaving

Lavender Flowers in Weaving

If you love purple flowers and subtle colors, get a flower basket that isn’t polished and fill it with lavender flowers like lavender and sage. 

4. Moss Basket Hanger

Moss Basket Hanger

You don’t need to stick to wood for a good basket full of flowers. A simple hanger with a bit of moss can be just as good. 

5. Woven Basket with Nasturtiums

Woven Basket with Nasturtiums

Speaking of woven baskets, they also come in a nice golden-brown color. These ones are made of jute. 

6. Geraniums in Wicker Flower Baskets

Geraniums in Wicker Flower Baskets

If you can find a rattan basket with handles, nothing like it. You can carry it anywhere you want. 

7. Hanging Petunias in Bamboo Basket

Hanging Petunias in Bamboo Basket

Just get a bunch of bamboo pieces and bind them together–you’ll have a pretty basket to display your plants. 

8. Wood Bucket Idea

Wood Bucket Idea

You can also go for a rustic vibe with an old wooden bucket. These are just as good as baskets and really sturdy. 

9. Hanging Flower Basket with Blue Lobelia

Hanging Flower Basket with Blue Lobelia

You won’t need to worry about the container if you grow a lush plant like blue lobelia. They’ll cover it up and create a hanging ball of flowers. Pretty, right?

10. Moss and Grapevine Flower BasketMoss and Grapevine Flower Basket

Here’s a quick and easy DIY you can follow to recreate this amazing flower bucket idea with vine and moss. 

11. Trailing Fuchsia Basket Idea

Trailing Fuchsia Basket Idea

Do you love overflowing flowers? If so, you should plant trailing fuchsias in a small basket. It will soon cover all of it up, so you’ll only see the flowers. 

12. Windowsill Hangers

Windowsill Hangers

Go with jute flower baskets as windowsill hangers, so they get plenty of light and fresh air. This one’s a lipstick plant. 

13. Creeping Gloxinias in a Hanging Basket

Creeping Gloxinias in a Hanging Basket

Did you know you could fill one of these up with a creeper? Well, now you do. So go on and try this idea. 

14. Woven Flower Baskets

Woven Flower Baskets


Look at these cute little woven flower baskets with crochet tops. They would make great tabletop decorations

15. Dendrobium Hanging Basket

Dendrobium Hanging Basket

This small wooden basket is great for the lawn. You can also repurpose an old wooden stand to make this yourself

16. Wide Basket Idea

Wide Basket Idea


You don’t need a deep basket. Or one that hangs. Just grab one that is wide and use it as a garden planter. 

17. Succulent Flower Basket for Home

Succulent Flower Basket for Home


Who said you can’t have succulents as flowers in a wicker basket? They look just as pretty and don’t need much care

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