16 Popular Fig Tree Varieties in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Anjeer is one of the most sought-after dry fruits and here are the most popular Fig Tree Varieties in India that you can grow in your garden!

Packed with multiple nutrients, Anjeer is fat and cholesterol-free fruit that can be consumed in both fresh and dry form. If you want to have its abundant supply, here are the best Fig Tree Varieties in India you can grow!

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Popular Fig Tree Varieties in India

1. Common Fig

Fig Tree Varieties in India

The common fig is the most popular variety in India. The leaves and the stems of the tree exude a milky sap when broken.

2. Black Mission

This self-pollinating and drought-tolerant fig tree produces sweet fruits with black skin and red flesh during summers.

3. White Adriatic

Fig Tree Varieties in India 2

The tree variety produces figs with red to deep purple pulp and green skin that take an amber-hue during summers. It is also popular as candy-striped figs, as the skin of the fruit has pale green to white bands.

4. Kalamon

This variety is native to the Kalamon region of Greece. The figs are firm, medium-sized, and are very sweet in flavor. It ripens from mid-summer to late fall.

5. Kadota

Fig Tree Varieties in India 3

The tree variety has exceptional hardiness and adaptable to a wide range of environments. Its fruit has green-yellow skin and is great for canning, jelly making, and raw consumption.

6. Poona

The variety bears bell-shaped, medium-size fruit with purple skin. This popular variety of India is commercially cultivated near Pune and is great for canning.

7. Dinkar

Fig Tree Varieties in India 4

Producing 200-300 fruits per tree, this fig variety is mostly cultivated in the Maharashtra state. The variety was released by Marathawada Krishi Vidyapeeth Parbhani.

8. Daultabad

It is a cultivar of Dinkar fig and was released by Marathawada Krishi Vidhyapeeth Prabhani. This variety produces medium-sized 200-300 figs per tree.

9. Alma

Fig Tree Varieties in India 5

This variety produces small to medium-sized figs of a pear shape. The brown-skinned fruit has good resistance to fruit rotting and other diseases.

10. San Pedro


This fig tree variety produces two crops. The first one does not require any pollination, while the second crop needs pollination from the caprifig tree.

11. Capri Fig

Fig Tree Varieties in India 6

Though this fig variety produces non-edible fruits, yet the variety plays an important role in cross-pollination. Its pollen is helpful in the cross-pollination for Smyrna and San Pedro fig varieties.

12. Smyrna


This fig variety is more popular for dried use and the fruits are also big in size. The tree requires pollinating from a caprifig for fruiting.

13. YCD 1

Fig Tree Varieties in India 7

The fig variety was introduced by the Horticultural research station, Yercaud. It is drought-tolerant and bears red-purple skin fruits.

14. King

It features strawberry red pulp with green to yellow skin that varies according to ripening rate. The variety is quite hardy and is self-pollinating.

15. TP 7

Fig Tree Varieties in India 8

This fig variety was released in 2000 and is popularly cultivated in Maharashtra state. The tree bears 70-100 fruits.

16. Excel

The fig is oblong to spherical shaped and has an excellent flavor. It is exceptionally hardy and is drought-resistant too.

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