9 Fast Growing Trees in Punjab

Published on: 06.05.2024
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Do you know which Fast Growing Trees in Punjab you can grow? We’ve got all the info you need to get started!

There are many wonderful Fast Growing Trees in Punjab that you can spot here. Plus, all of them come with their benefits and beauty. Stay tuned to find these out.

Fast Growing Trees in Punjab

1. Siris

Fast Growing Trees in Punjab 1

Botanical Name: Albizia lebbeck

Siris is a fast-spreading and fast-growing tree that can reach 20-25 meters in height. It has lovely, feathery foliage and bright yellow flowers that grow in clusters.

2. Kadamba

Fast Growing Trees in Punjab 2

Botanical Name: Anthocephalus cadamba

Kadambas are large shade trees that are common in Punjab. They are associated with Lord Krishna because many scriptures and stories depict him spending time under the shade of this tree, playing his flute.

3. Mulberry

Fast Growing Trees in Punjab 3

Botanical Name: Morus alba

You will also see Mulberries growing in Punjab. They are really easy to care for and are known for their delicious fruits that are used to make jams and jellies. Mulberry trees can easily reach 15 meters tall, and their leaves have many benefits.

4. Karanja

Fast Growing Trees

Botanical Name: Pongamia pinnata

Karanjas are fast-growing, highly beneficial trees from Punjab. The oil extracted from the seeds is a source of biofuel, and the pink and white flowers fill the air with a sweet scent. The trees can tolerate high temperatures and low water.

5. Neem

Fast Growing Trees

Botanical Name: Azadirachta indica

You’ll find many homes in Punjab with neem trees. It is a large, evergreen tree that grows fast and has tons of benefits. It has medicinal properties, is used in home remedies, and also keeps pests away from the garden. Neem also gives plenty of shade.

6. Pipal

Fast Growing Trees

Botanical Name: Ficus religiosa

The Pipal tree grows really fast and is also very tall, often reaching 30 meters in height. It has beautiful, heart-shaped leaves and a vast root system that prevents soil erosion. The Pipal also holds sacred importance in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

7. Semal

Semal tree

Botanical Name: Bombax Ceiba

Semals are also known as Silk Cotton Trees. They are fast-growing trees that reach the 20-meter mark quickly. When fully mature, they can be an impressive 60 meters tall. It can be easily identified by the lovely red flowers and large seed pods.

8. Paulownia

Paulownia flowering tree

Botanical Name: Paulownia tomentosa

This fast-grower is not actually native to India. Paulownias were introduced to Punjab and have become naturalized here. These trees produce violet-scented flowers that bloom in spring and are used in furniture making for their lightweight but strong wood.

9. Subabool

Subabool tree

Botanical Name: Leucaena leucocephala

Subabool is a great choice if you want to grow a tree in your garden in Punjab. It grows fast and also fixes the nitrogen in the soil. Plus, it can also be used as fodder for livestock.

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