30 Amazing DIY Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas

Last Updated: 20.12.2023
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Adorn your garden and porch with these awesome DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas! They are easy to make and light on the pocket!

If you want to add a festive vibe to your garden and porch, then use these creative DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas to sparkle up the look!

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DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. PVC Frame Lighted Gift Box

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

The charming gift boxes, glittering in the dark, are surely going to be a center of attraction in your garden or porch!

2. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

These giant paper plate lollipops bring festive vibes to the garden and will be a center of attraction for kids.

3. Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas 2

Fairy lights, vibrant ribbons, and quoted texts on galvanized buckets add festive glitz to stairs. Details are here.

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4. DIY Evergreen Gnome

Tomato cage, gnome hat, a bit of greenery along with some other supplies are all you need for this gnome DIY.

5. DIY Oversized Ornaments

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas 3

These oversized illuminated lamps, with messages and designs, look incredibly beautiful at night.

6. Paint Dipped Pine Cones

Hang pinecones from the branches of a tree in your garden for the unmistaken Christmasy vibe!

7. Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas 4

If you want to make a Christmas tree quickly, then you can take help from this blog to make an attractive one for your porch!

8. Joy Outdoor Wreath Sign

This wreath with a wooden backdrop and a delightful message is a perfect outdoor decoration to welcome guests.

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9. Christmas Wreath with a Bright Red Bow!

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas 5

This Christmas wreath displays a wonderful blend of traditional red and green elements. You can hang it on the door, porch wall, or fence.

10. A White Berry Wreath

Bring the snowy Christmas vibe to your home by making this white wreath. It is also a great option for gifting! Read more.

11. Giant Lollipop

Since it’s the lovable and sweetest season of the year, you should make a giant lollipop or two for your front porch. It is an exciting DIY Christmas Decoration Idea for your garden. Get a proper guide about this idea.

12. DIY Light Balls

To create some enchanting ambiance in the trees throughout your garden, look no further than these handmade balls made up of twine, wire, and lights. Here’s your complete tutorial.

13. Christmas Door Swag

Your front door needs to be attractive to make your garden look even more pleasant. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

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14. Lighted Candy Cane

It is surprisingly joyful to decorate your garden with PVC pipes. It is one of the best DIY Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas for you. Here’s your tutorial.

15. Red Stars

Red Stars are a feel of Christmas Nights. You can make something perfectly charming for the holidays with this guide.

16. Outdoor Winter Planters

You can’t ever go wrong with evergreen touches during the holidays. Simply fill your outdoor planters with tree trimmings. Here’s one of the best DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for you! Click here.

17. Colorful Front Door Display

Instead of the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the most colorful time! Create an amazing outdoor display with an oversized Christmas light garland, vibrant wreaths, and gilded nutcracker statues. Read more here.

18. Pom-Pom Wreath

Making a customized or DIY Pom Pom Wreath is an attractive DIY Christmas Decoration Idea for you. Help your front door make an entrance with the addition of this jubilant pom-pom wreath like this.

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19. Ice Skates Frame Door Hanging

If you and your family love ice skating for the holidays, this Christmas decoration is for you. Check Out the amazing guide here.

20. Plaid Front Porch Display

Embrace your love for decorating this Christmas by giving a new look to your garden in a classic color scheme. Incorporate pillows, ribbons, garlands, and lanterns for a cozy feel, as shown here.

21. Lighted Front Porch

Take your garden look to another level by covering it with many sparkling and beautiful lights. Weave them in with a garland, the bushes, and the entryway like this.

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22. Snowy Scene Entryway

Even if you live in a region where you do not get snowfall, you can easily live the feel with this Christmas Garden Decoration Idea. Here’s your guide.

23. Lighted Wooden Christmas Tree

Try this beautiful idea for decorating your Christmas Tree with fancy lights. It can add a spark of happiness to your garden. Here’s a complete tutorial for you.

24. Holiday Ice Lantern

If you live in a cold place, you can make a beautiful piece of beautiful DIY Christmas Garden Decoration Idea out of ice! It can look stunning in your garden. Check out the tutorial for this amazing idea here.

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25. Christmas Planters

This Christmas, plan some of the beautiful and appealing planters in your garden and make your space look stunning, fresh, and aromatic. It can be one of the best ways to decorate your gardens for Christmas. Here’s your tutorial.

26. Vintage Wooden Sled

You can easily decorate your garden with this sled and simple woodworking skills to complete your Christmas porch. Check out the complete guide here.

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27. Chair Spindle Snowflakes

These chair spindles are one of the best and most delightful DIY Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas that could be created with just a few steps. Showing off metallic hues, they’ll be the perfect addition to your garden look. Know more here.

28. Front Yard Reindeer

You can easily fill up your garden with Santa’s eight tiny reindeer to create an interesting and joyful scene. Here’s your guide.

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29. Felt Poinsettia Christmas Wreath

This Christmas, add some festive flair to your door with a DIY felt poinsettia wreath. This craft is simple and fun, and the results are beautiful! Click here.

30. Christmas Pillows with Custom Iron-On Designs

One of the best DIY Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas, this one is also great for gifting! Details are here.

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