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Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Redeem the space in your balcony by converting it into a beautiful and cozy corner of your house! Here are some DIY Balcony Garden Decor ideas you can try!

It is always nice to have a cozy spot in the house where you can rest, chill, and do whatever you want. And now, as the summers are around the corner, it is even better to have a little green space of your own. The balconies make for a fantastic spot in homes, and their charm doubles if you have a small garden there! Here are some DIY Balcony Garden decor ideas you should check out!

1. Planters Balcony Garden

DIY Balcony Garden Decor

Source: theleaflandscape

Balcony gardens are a modern way that people have found to be around the greenery. Having green space like this in your home is not only going to add to the beauty of your balcony but will also give access to a spot where you can enjoy with your loved ones. You do not need a lot of space to create this idea; just some fancy plants and planters will do!

2. Balcony Garden with Personal Touches

Source: designdecoranddisha

Don’t have a big balcony to flaunt a garden? Don’t worry! You can make a cozy spot in your beautiful little gallery by putting some beautiful plants around a comfy chair along with a lantern and some artifacts!

3. A Green Abode

DIY Balcony Garden Decor you must try

Source: ideenbaum

This idea is just for you if you have a small balcony that you wish to decorate. Some monochrome planters, pebbles, and beautiful plants are all you need to create this magnificent corner garden. Adding a buddha will add a spiritual touch to it as well!

4. Small Space Balcony Garden

Source: smentpune

Create this mini garden in your high rise, urban balcony of Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, or Hyderabad! All you need is some colorful flowers, leaves, planters on a trellis frame, and seatings; a lot can be done in that small space of your flat!

5. Balcony Garden Makeover on Budget

You can easily create this beautiful DIY balcony garden with a pretty fountain, which you can DIY easily. A balcony like this can be a place for spending some quality time with your family. Especially in the night after spending a hard day at the office. You can also do various activities like having your morning tea, evening snacks, or even have a barbeque dinner!

6. Simple DIY Balcony Garden

If you are willing to turn your regular and simple balcony into something exotic, this DIY balcony idea is just for you! The tutorial will tell you how you can utilize all the small spaces and create a beautiful garden out of it.

7. DIY Colorful Balcony Garden

This DIY idea can be a great inspiration for giving the makeover that you have been waiting to give to your balcony! So get inspired, put just a little effort, and transform the space with planters, old tires, bean bags, small tables, and lots of pillows!

Plants You Can Grow in Balcony

Here are some amazing plants you can include in your balcony garden! All of them are pretty easy to grow and ideal for gardeners belonging to all levels.

  • Money Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Tulsi
  • Bonsai
  • Jade Plant
  • Different Varieties of Succulents and Cactus

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