6 Best Chilli Varieties in Maharashtra

Last Updated: 15.04.2024
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Do you know about these Chilli Varieties in Maharashtra? Don’t miss out if you live there and want to grow your own!

Maharashtra is known for its warm temperatures and rich agricultural produce, which mainly consists of fruits and vegetables. But there are also many famous and fiery hot Chilli Varieties in Maharashtra that are relished in the local cuisine and around the world. Stay tuned to find out about these.

Chilli Varieties in Maharashtra

1. Green Jwala (हरी ज्वाला)

Green Jwala chillies are also called Pusa Jwalas. They’re slender and long and have a rich green colour. They pack a hot punch and fall between 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

2. Sankeshwari Chilli (संकेश्वरी)

Sankeshwaris are bright red and really spicy. They are mostly grown in Kolhapur and are one of the main ingredients used to make garam masala. If you want to grow it at home, you’ll need these tips to get more flowers and harvest.

3. Lavengi (लावेंगी)

Lavengi chillies are also called Kolhapuri lavengi mirchi and are red chilli that come from Maharashtra. They are considered medium-hot and give dishes a rich aroma.

4. Bhiwapuri Chilli (भिवापुरी)

These chillies are fiery and have a long shelf life. They also retain their red colour for half a year and are considered the pride of Bhiwapur in Maharashtra. Here’s how you can start growing them at home.

5. Ellachipur Sanman (इलाचीपुर सन्मान)

Chili planting in modern greenhouses

Ellachipur Sanman are red chilli varieties that are grown in Amravati, Maharashtra. You can find these with stems and without them. These are ready to harvest in September-December.

6. Dhani Red Chilli (धानी)

You might also know this as Birds Eye chilli. It has a blood-red colour and is intensely hot. It’s also used to make red chilli powder because it can give a rich colour to cuisine.


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